Who was Kristina Zhuravleva? Beauty influencer, 28, found dead 11 days after she went missing, husband arrested

Elena Makhalina, a friend of the dead woman, said Kristina's husband Dmitry sounded 'calm on the phone' when he told her that 'Kristina had left him'

                            Who was Kristina Zhuravleva? Beauty influencer, 28, found dead 11 days after she went missing, husband arrested
Kris with her husband Dmitry (Instagram/Kristina)

Russian lifestyle and beauty influencer, Kristina Zhuravleva, was found dead in a forest according to the latest reports. She had vanished about 11 days ago, and since then, there was no information about her whereabouts.

At the moment, the influencer's husband, Dmitry, has been detained by the police, as they are investigating if she was murdered. Zhuravleva, 28, often shared glamorous snaps on social media with Dmitry. A passing motorist who had stopped to relieve himself in woods near a road close to Aramil, 15 miles southeast of Yekaterinburg, was the one to find her in the forest. 


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Who was Kristina Zhuravleva?

Kristina Zhuravleva had a popular Instagram account with almost 60,000 followers. She considered herself an "Influencer & Content Creator" according to her bio. Her website touted her as an online guru who could help others become lifestyle influencers by learning how to create winning Instagram layouts for product promotions.

She was found dead with 'no signs' of violence on the body, according to investigating officials. They also said that she was found in her tracksuit. It was her husband Dmitry who had reported her missing, which had kickstarted a huge search effort. However,cops detained him because there were 'reasons to suspect him.' 

A still of Kristina with husband Dmitry. (Instagram/Kristina)

Turned out, he had told her friend that Kristina had left him and that she had wanted to be alone. He had also told another story about her disappearance, saying she had gone to Moscow. Currently, there is speculation that Kristina could have been injected with drugs forcefully. She used to be a teacher, but later had her own social media outlet which had thousands of subscribers and she had also dealt with clients and so she was a successful manager. 

"Investigators are establishing the circumstances of her death. A forensic examination, interrogations, and other activities are being carried out," said the Russian Investigative Committee. Her family and her friends are also being investigated by police officials. They said, "It is being established whether there were tensions in the family."

A picture of Kristina. (Instagram/Kristina)

"'He was calm on the phone and said Kristina had left him. She packed her belongings and left her phone at home," said Elena Makhalina, a friend of the dead woman, and added, "she wanted to be alone, and he said going missing was usual for her."

Veronika Voronina, a photographer based out of Moscow, said Zhuravleva was "a successful and very active blogger." The two of them often appeared together in posts on Zhuravleva's social media accounts. 

According to a report in Daily Dot, it was reported that Kristina had felt that marrying Dmitry was the "best decision in life". The pictures that they had shared online made them look like a romantic couple in love -- from them kissing in the park, or just sitting next to each other. Zhuravleva had also shared pictures of the two of them hanging out with her mother.