Did Marilyn Manson body-shame Lana Del Rey? Annie Abrams’ alleged messages say he called her ‘Lasagna Del Ray’

Marilyn Manson allegedly claims he 'dodged a bullet there' before adding, 'Not body shaming or whatever. But that pic is f**king crazy'

                            Did Marilyn Manson body-shame Lana Del Rey? Annie Abrams’ alleged messages say he called her ‘Lasagna Del Ray’
Marilyn Manson, Lana Del Rey (Getty Images), Annie Abrams (Instagram)

Marilyn Manson has controversy written all over him ever since a slew of abuse and assault allegations were made against him by multiple women. ‘True Blood’ actress Annie Abrams, who has been extremely vocal about the alleged torture she endured by Manson and shared her “horrific” experience with him through a series of audio recordings and written posts on Instagram, has now revealed that the disgraced singer allegedly body-shamed Lana Del Rey. 

On Friday, February 5, she shared a couple of screengrabs of her alleged chat with Manson, where he’s seen poking fun at Del Rey’s body if they are believed to be true. She captioned them, “#marilynmanson trash talking/body shaming @lanadelrey and asking me to find a mug shot of Ashley Walters (how cute is this @illmagore ) MM: you mess with my life, I mess with yours. That was the deal, no? Rot in hell.”


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One of the screengrabs shows that Manson allegedly called Lana Del Rey "Lasagna Del Ray". He claims he "dodged a bullet there" before adding, "Not body shaming or whatever. But that pic is fucking crazy." When Abrams asks, "The moon one? Lana?", he has allegedly said in his response, "I know her. And my good friend was dating her and hilariously enough I did a photoshoot that they used her hair extensions dyed black and I had an octopus on my head. She's really complicated. I'll leave it at that."

In the same alleged conversation between Manson and Abrams, the musician had spoken about wanting to make an "art" out of mug shots of his assistant and her friend. 

Referring to an alleged accident they got into in his car he has written, "Do you know how to get their mug shots? It was a dui. And I was in Europe. So it's grand theft and totaled my only car a Jaguar.?"

"Just curious. No one else bothered enough to try. But those two are in on this. And I can ask them personally at their homes. But I wanted to make art of their m(ugly) shots. When they destroyed and stole my only car."

Marilyn Manson (Getty Images)

However, Manson hasn't replied or commented on Abrams' claims. She has been sharing allegations against Manson since January. She wrote in one of her early posts, "I had to disconnect for a hot minute because the last few days have been really rough."

She detailed in her post how Mason allegedly threatened her and psychologically tortured her by manipulating her messages and later convincing her that they were sent by her. She said she experienced a few mysterious activities such as strange phone-calls, missing epilepsy pills, knocks on my door only to find no one there, and past abusers being added to her Facebook after the incident with Manson. 

Another audio recording posted by Abrams alleges that he discussed being engaged to Evan Rachel Wood. She wrote in the caption, "#marilynmanson talking to me about being engaged to #evanrachelwood and — I can’t figure out if he was saying that Evan tried to convince him that his mother f**ked him or if he meant his mother says that but I think he was implying the former? Anyway, he also mentions Jamie Bell and Mickey Rourke here briefly and talks about his reaction to Evan’s statement about the abuse she suffered. #titfortatmotherf**ker"


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