'Jealous' husband bludgeons wife to death with crowbar at NYC bus stop: 'How dare you cheat on me?'

Shocking video shows wife being beaten by husband, before she died in hospital on June 18, murder charges expected to be filed

                            'Jealous' husband bludgeons wife to death with crowbar at NYC bus stop: 'How dare you cheat on me?'
Cellphone footage shows Julio Aponte after attacking Maria Kelly (Twitter)


NEW YORK CITY: A 49-year-old mother of two was brutally bludgeoned by her husband in Manhattan on June 14. The woman, identified as Maria Kelly, was confirmed to have died in hospital on June 18 from her injuries. Julio Aponte, who attacked Kelly, was initially charged with attempted murder and assault, but could now be changed with murder according to reports.

The assault on Kelly is just one of the many violent attacks that have plagued New Yorkers in recent months. Over the Juneteenth weekend, Jason McDermott was arrested for sparking a stampede in Washington Square Park, after brandishing a taser and knife. On June 12, a man was shot dead as a result of gunfire outside a Bronx church. Days before that, Jovan Young was arrested for killing a 10-year-old over a driveway dispute with his uncle. 


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The brutal assault on Kelly in broad daylight adds to the city's woes. The NYPD and government are already struggling to respond to the surge in violence, which has been slammed by even the NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association. This is everything we know about Kelly and Aponte, and the violent outburst on June 14.

Cellphone footage shows Julio Aponte after attacking Maria Kelly (Twitter)

Kelly attacked at bus stop

Around 7.00 am, Kelly was at the Washington Heights bus stop in Manhattan. She was then approached by Aponte, with a crowbar in his hand. The furious husband yelled "how dare you cheat on me?" as he repeatedly hit Kelly with the crowbar, wrapped in a plastic bag. The incident was caught on video by an onlooker, with people heard screaming as the attack takes place. 

After a few seconds, Aponte throws away the bag and stands up. He gestures and continues yelling at Kelly, before walking away. According to reports, he fled on a motorcycle which he dumped at a nearby parking lot. He then confessed to the murder to an attendant, who urged him to confess to the police. Aponte was arrested by the NYPD at the parking lot, and charged with attempted murder and assault. It could now be upped to murder since Kelly passed away on June 18. If that does happen, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office will handle Aponte's case. 

Kelly was taken to the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where she placed in the ICU due to the severity of her injuries. She then reportedly suffered from cardiac arrest, leading to her death. The mother of two children and a school aide had a closed-casket funeral on Tuesday, June 22. The funeral was reportedly attended by around 200 people at Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home. The couple's son denied the allegations of cheating, telling NY Daily News, "My mother was always faithful." He added, "My mother was a wonderful woman. She was a school secretary. That’s why all these people are here."

Kelly reportedly worked at PSMS 161 in Harlem. She is survived by her son Emanuel, and daughter Elizabeth. Two days after the assault, Aponte was charged and arraigned. A judge ordered him to be held at Rikers Island without bail. It is unclear.