Marcus Lemonis offers Twitter users an opportunity to earn whopping $10k, leaves Internet crazy

Marcus Lemonis offers Twitter users an opportunity to earn whopping $10k, leaves Internet crazy
Marcus Lemonis offers crazy opportunity to Twitter users to earn money (Instagram, Twitter - @marcuslemonis)

Marcus Lemonis, the Lebanese-born American business tycoon and philanthropist, has taken the internet by storm by asking social media users what they would do if they had a $10,000 to their name with the hashtag, '#theOpportunity'. 

With this initiative, Lemonis, who is the star of a CNBC reality business show, called 'The Profit', has taken it into his account to pick the one lucky person whose creative idea behind the enormous amount of money will impress him. Having said that, The hashtag "#theOpportunity" is currently trending on Twitter, and is currently the biggest talk of the town. 


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"What would you do with $10, 000...tell me using #theOpportunity", shared the business tycoon, who is currently the chairman as well as the CEO of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, Gander RV, and The House Boardshop, on Twitter. "$10,000 to pursue #TheOpportunity of a Lifetime...I'll pick one person who retweets this..what would you do with it?" he added. "What would you do to compete for $1,000,000 to pursue your dream...tell me using creative", read his third tweet.







Several people shared their ideas on the platform using the hashtag #TheOpportunity. Below are a few interesting tweets.

"Me & my husband are fed up with our city lives. We’ve been saving up but it takes patience. Everyday we wake up working hard to create #TheOpportunity for us to buy our dream farm. That’s the goal for us and we know it will not be an easy road but we will live happy simple lives", read a tweet, while another said, "#TheOpportunity I'd pay off all of my medical bills, pay my rent for two months to prepare for my next two surgeries coming up in July. I'd also buy some groceries & get my car inspected. Picture attached is the mass on my right side that needs surgically removed. #marcuslemonis". 




Another user wrote, "Compete in a series of events that align with the @marcus_ent_ brand designed to identify the person most deserving of #TheOpportunity Someone who balances business and life; someone with a head for numbers and a heart for giving back; someone who gives 100% in all areas of life!" One user tweeted, "#TheOpportunity What would I do for a Million Dollars That leaves the book open  I would Need to have #TheRock with me omgosh and hopefully don't have a heartattack Lol I have wanted to meet him forever it's my dream"





One Twitter user said: "It would be #TheOpportunity of a lifetime because we'd put every penny of it into an RV. The 4 of us would use it to make more memories until the kids went off to college. Then it'll be time for the husband and I to see the country together like we tried to do before having kids", while another wrote, "Honestly I be scare to even win that much money but I would get my kids new beds, waterslide, playground structures and bikes, items that they can have and play at home since I have 7 kids. Thank you for always giving out great opportunities #theOpportunity"




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