Netflix's 'Say I do': Marcus gifts Tiffany a wedding redo, bride wears black and purple to honor dad and sister

From a dream venue to a gorgeous wedding dress, Marcus and Tiffany LaCour's second union is everything their first one from 7 years ago wasn't

                            Netflix's 'Say I do': Marcus gifts Tiffany a wedding redo, bride wears black and purple to honor dad and sister

Spoilers for 'Say I do' Episode 1

The first episode of Netflix's new series 'Say I Do' celebrates the love of Marcus and Tiffany LaCour. The series helps couples get a wedding of their dreams and in this couple's case, it's a redo. It was important for Marcus to give Tiffany a second wedding to return the joy and happiness in her life. She was very close to her father who passed away from sickle cell anemia and eight weeks later, she lost her sister, unexpectedly. Tiffany was unable to say goodbye to both of them before they died and this had a huge impact on her emotions. 



Marcus and Tiffany's first wedding wasn't exactly how they pictured it to be. They had to resort to their family for financial support for their wedding which meant there were strings attached. They were more focused on making their family happy instead of enjoying the wedding themselves. On top of that, they had to evacuate the building in the middle of their reception due to a fire which meant taking wedding photos on the road, in the rain. Tiffany hated her dress and her makeup from that day. Marcus was drunk and so were his groomsmen, so all in all their first wedding was a disaster and a redo was much needed. 

Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini are three fabulous men who will be seen bringing the vision of a dream wedding alive. For Tiffany and Marcus's wedding, Nguyen created a black dress for her along with a purple train and purple jewelry. The colors were symbolic of her father and sister, respectively and Nguyen did it to make her feel surrounded by her loved ones on her special day. 

Bertaccini's role was not confined to crafting the menu. He and Marcus had a heart to heart conversation wherein the latter opened up about the sacrifices Tiffany made to keep him healthy. He's a Type 1 diabetic and there was a time when they had to ration their food and Tiffany used to stay hungry so that Marcus could eat and keep his sugar levels stable. Marcus also opened up about how he's lost his sight and thought it'd be the end of the world when he was wheeled into the hospital when he was first diagnosed and the fear has still stayed with him. Bertaccini is an HIV positive man and he used his words to assure Marcus that it's not the end of their life but a new reality that they must live with. 

(L-R: Gabriele Bertaccini, Thai Nguyen and Jeremiah Brent/Netflix)


Brent was able to book Drees Pavilion that stands on the border of Cincinnati and Kentucky. It was Tiffany's dream venue and he came through with it as well as the dramatic yet stunning decor for the wedding, just like Tiffany wanted. 

This episode of 'Say I Do' is now streaming on Netflix.

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