Marcus Eriz who shot Aiden Leos, 6, dead is a gun nut, girlfriend Wynne Lee battled depression

Lee reportedly battled depression as a teenager while Eriz's Instagram filled with pics of guns

                            Marcus Eriz who shot Aiden Leos, 6, dead is a gun nut, girlfriend Wynne Lee battled depression
Marcus Anthony Eriz and his girlfriend Wynne Lee are both being held at Orange County jail (Orange County District Attorney's Office)

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: More details about the couple that killed six-year-old Aiden Leos on the freeway in Orange County, California, have emerged, including the possible charges they face. Marcus Anthony Eriz and his girlfriend Wynne Lee are both being held at Orange County jail and will be arraigned on Tuesday, June 8. 

The couple was arrested after a week-long manhunt following the deadly shooting. Aiden was in the backseat of a car when he was shot by Eriz, with Lee driving the car. The duo then sped away and managed to escape. The shooting is just the latest in an increasing spate of shootings all over the US, as conservatives bring in less restrictive gun laws. On June 4, a California judge lifted the state's 32-year ban on assault rifles. 


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During the emotional funeral, Aiden's mother Joanna Cloonan called for justice, which now looks likely since the two have been arrested. Here's what we know about the shooter, thanks to his very revealing social media. 

A selfie posted by Marcus Eriz on Instagram. (@marcus_eriz13/Instagram)

Who are Marcus Anthony Eriz and Wynne Lee?

Eriz says he is an auto body technician on his Instagram page. It's unclear where he is currently employed after he left his previous job at Platinum Collision in Corona, Riverside County. ABC managed to track down the owners of the store, who confirmed that Eriz had been let go in January 2021. "To have any kind of link is just too much," one of the owners Stephanie Gregg said. They did not reveal if Eriz was fired, or if he chose to leave and the reason for doing so. 

Reportedly, Eriz texted the owners a week after the shooting asking if any roles were open, at other locations. His Instagram page still shows that he works at Platinum Collision, which the other owner Tom Gregg called "false". Eriz's Instagram also reveals his strong love for cars and guns. His profile is filled with numerous photos of both, but it is the image of guns that is most concerning. In a March 2020 post, he asks "quarantine and clean anyone?" as he displays an AR-15 assault rifle and two handguns. In a series of videos from September 2019, Eriz can be seen firing guns in an open shooting range. 

According to his Instagram, Eriz has a brother who is a combat medic in the United States Army. It's one of the very rare family photos he has posted. His Facebook profile reveals that Eriz graduated from Trinity High School in Weaverville in 2015. He has also listed Krispy Kreme, Blaze Pizza in La Habra, and Selman Chevrolet in Orange as previous work experiences. Little else is known about Eriz, apart from the fact that the arrest appears to be his first. Records show that both Eriz and Lee do not have any prior felony convictions.

An old Instagram photo showing Marcus Eriz with a hunting rifle. (@marcus_eriz13/Instagram)

Not much is known about Lee, as she doesn't appear to have any presence on social media. She was featured in a 2015 local news story of her struggles with depression as a teenager. At the time, she was a student at Diamond Bar High School. A year prior, she was a 'community storyteller' at a panel discussion on ObamaCare by USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center. The Daily Mail reported that she was unemployed, with the only information about her being that she is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley.

The couple were arrested on Sunday, June 6, from a home in Costa Mesa. Neighbors told ABC that Eriz's grandmother lived at the home as well, but it is unclear if she owned it. The duo are now being held on a $1 million bail, which they are yet to make. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer told the press that Eriz and Lee are likely to face different charges, but did not expand on what those would be. It is likely that as the shooter, Eriz could face murder charges while Lee could be charged for accessory to murder. We will know more after their arranigment at Orange County Court. 

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