'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 7 may have shown TJ's death but trailer reveals a happy twist in store for fans

'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 7 may have shown TJ's death but trailer reveals a happy twist in store for fans
Garrett Wareing (NBC)

This week's episode of 'Manifest' was a doozy and featured the presumed death of a beloved character. Last week's episode featured Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), his sister Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) and Adrian (Jared Grimes) getting a calling asking them to "save the passengers."

In this week's episode, it was revealed that one of the parishioners from Adrian's Church of Believers got overzealous after receiving Adrian's message that the Flight 828 passengers were divine and so Isaiah decided to commit mass murder in order to "ascend".

In the last moments of the episode, Ben and another passenger, TJ Morrison (Garrett Wareing) try and save Ben's daughter Olive Stone (Luna Blaise) from the burning building, however, Isaiah holds on to her. TJ jumps in to save her as Ben carries Olive out. Unfortunately, before Ben can make his way back to save TJ, the building explodes -- leading to Olive breaking down and fans mourned with her.


But can TJ really be dead? What if 'Manifest' is just pulling another Robert Vance -- aka the NSA director who faked his death in the first season? Moreover, both Ben and Zeke (Matt Long) were miraculously able to help rescue other people -- Ben was shown a light so he could carry Olive out, Zeke was able to hold a blazing hot and burning metal beam so Michaela could pull out another passenger from it.

A still from the Season 2 trailer for 'Manifest' (NBC)

There is also the fact that Garrett Wareing's IMDb page shows him listed for at least four more episodes of the show, namely, the eighth, ninth, eleventh and twelfth. But the most obvious fact is that TJ appears in a trailer for Season 2 in crutches -- and we have not seen the character in crutches yet in any of the episodes that have aired. In the still, he is also shown holding a book -- it is most likely Al-Zuras's ancient journal, the one that TJ requested from Yale's library and got sent to Ben's office.


So now, it is clear that TJ is quite likely alive. The question, then, is how did he survive?

This is where the journal could come into play. In the final moments of the seventh episode, Ben is seen examining the journal when he comes across an illustration of a man carrying a girl -- which looked very much like him carrying Olive out of the burning building.

So it is clear that the Al-Zuras journal holds many of the answers that Ben has been looking for. This could also lead Ben to the realization that perhaps TJ is alive. But how could he have survived that explosion?

It is likely that TJ "disappeared" much like Flight 828 and Zeke disappeared. Perhaps he got another calling that helped him find some escape -- much like Ben -- before the building exploded. 

Either way, 'Manifest' has many questions to answer and it is possible that viewers could finally have answers coming their way.

'Manifest' airs on NBC on Monday nights at 10/9c. The next episode will air on March 2.


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 Manifest Season 2 Episode 7 may have shown TJ death but he could still be alive Ben calling Al Zuras