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'Spornsexual' polygamist Arthur O Urso reveals strict demands his EIGHT wives ask him to fulfill

A polygamist spilled the beans on his busy married life and the demands of his multiple partners who want him to be in shape at all times
UPDATED SEP 22, 2022
Arthur O Urso's marriage to eight women was in protest to monogamy in Brazil (Instagram @arthurourso)
Arthur O Urso's marriage to eight women was in protest to monogamy in Brazil (Instagram @arthurourso)

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL- A polygamist from Brazil spilled the beans on his busy married life, saying many of his wives state he maintains rippling abs at all times. The man gripped headlines after tied the knot with eight women in 2021.

Model and influencer Arthur O Urso married the women in São Paulo. According to The Mirror, Arthur recently "came out as spornsexual," an academic term that is used to describe a straight man who is “fragranced, buffed, ripped, groomed, [and] selfie-adoring.”


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The 32-year-old may be what many men dream of, but the busy husband reveals that not everything is easy, given his spouses’ strict rules. He said, “they demand that I be in shape, otherwise I get lectured,” the influencer told the outlet.


Arthur said that in order to keep his body in shape, he is constantly working out at the gym and has also cut carbs from his diet. He said, “I don’t eat gluten, lactose and even breads and pasta.”


The model's exercise routine is designed for Olympic athletes which involve marathons, cross fit, three hours of weight training a day and a lot of running. Arthur also follows a stern care routine, which comprises body and hair hydration creams.

However, Arthur said some of his wives have varied tastes and don’t always want him to be working on his looks. Arthur said, “some of them don’t like to see me taking care of me so much — some are jealous.”

As per the outlet, Arthur was originally married to fellow swinger Luana Kazaki, with the couple sharing sexy videos that made them around $73,000 per month on OnlyFans.


In 2021, Arthur took the decision to marry eight additional women to “protest against monogamy.” The wedding is not legally binding as polygamy is illegal in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Luana also revealed how her husband had to create a timetable to ensure all his wives were satisfied. To which, Arthur said, “following a timetable caused a lot of problems, and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure,” adding, “on other occasions, I had sex with one wife while thinking about another.”

Furthermore, one of Arthur's wives, identified as Agatha left the marriage. The model said, “It didn’t make sense — we have to share.I was very sad about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse.”

Arthur is in no hurry to replace his ninth wife but eventually hopes to marry again. He said, “I have a dream – my wish has always been to have 10 wives.”

He added, “I only have one daughter, but I want to have [a child] with each one of my wives.”