Jeremy Smith: Homeowner shoots and kills intruder, says he has the 'right to protect' himself

Jeremy Smith: Homeowner shoots and kills intruder, says he has the 'right to protect' himself
Jeremy Smith shot dead one of the two intruders at his Washington home (Credit: KING-TV YouTube)

SPANAWAY, WASHINGTON: A homeowner who shot and killed one of two intruders at his Spanaway, Washington residence on Thursday morning says he doesn't regret his action. Speaking to KING-TV about the incident, homeowner Jeremy Smith said he took a deep breathe at the moment to ensure he was making the right decision and not acting under an adrenaline rush.

The spokesperson of Pierce County Sheriff's Office, Darren Moss, said they recieved a call at around 4:20 am from a homeowner who wanted to report an attempted burglary. Smith spoke about how it all went down after he contacted the sheriff's office.


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Smith told officers that two alleged robbers kicked down the back door of his house and tried to get inside. He admitted to firing at the intruders. King TV reporter Lionel Donovan asked Smith a few questions about what exactly happened at the moment.

Smith said when it was all happening, he first made sure to take a deep breath to calm the nerves and the adrenaline he was feeling. He said he did this to ensure he'd take the right decision and have no regrets about it later. Smith said he understood it was unfortuante that someone's life had been taken away. However, he said he was well within his rights to have done what he did as he wanted to protect himself and his family. 

Smith said he heard the intruders enter his home at around four in the morning. He said he was aware of their presence and was armed; he knew action had to be taken. But instead of immediately reacting, he paused, took a breath, and then moved on with his decision. He said the second intruder fled after her shot the first.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found the body of a 24-year-old man on Smith's porch. As per the description given by Smith, authorities started searching for the second suspect but he is still at large. 

The spokesperson of Pierce County Sheriff's Office, Darren Moss said that defending oneself is fully permitted. But he said if you can avoid direct confrontation you should do it as those matters must be handled by those who are authorized. 

At the moment, there have been no arrests. 

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