Man tries to prank cat by playing dead and the pet's reaction will shock you

What do you think your cat will do if you were to just drop down dead one day? This video may give you an answer to that question

                            Man tries to prank cat by playing dead and the pet's reaction will shock you

Cat videos are the answer to all your problems: There, I said it! Having a bad day? Watch a cat video and your sadness will be whiskered away, but I digress. YouTube influencer Cory Williams has given cat owners something real to think about. What do you think your cats will do if you were to just drop down dead one day?

Well, if you were wondering, Williams showed us what his cats would do. Williams' cat Sparta is the star of the video that you are about to see. Sparta himself is an animal influencer and he goes by the moniker "The Mean Kitty" on YouTube. His moniker already gave a lot away, but it's not what you're thinking. 

Someone asked Williams the question asking what Sparta would do if he died, and this video is an answer to that. Williams sets up the camera in the center of the room and, soon enough, we see an unsuspecting kitty walking across the room. Seconds later, the human begins his show, Williams musters all the fake acting chops he has, pretends to clutch at his chest, groans, kneels and keels over face down with his hands splayed open. You may notice his other cat, Loki, a white and black striped one is sitting on the stairs, witnessing all this drama but not once does he come to investigate. 

Then comes along Sparta. This cat seems to have some attachment. What will he do? His mews get louder. He sniffs at Williams lying there. Maybe Williams is playing a new game! Sparta tries to move his owner's hands to get in a few pats. That doesn't work. Now the cat's getting worried. He does a walk around, sniffs and then probably realizes that his owner is really bad at playing dead. He's got some camera presence, you have to hand that to him. So he conveniently goes and plops himself beside his owner and settles down for a nap. Death and the owner be dammed!

Williams finally gets up and finds 'The Mean Kitty' mid sleep. He exclaims, 'Really dude!' and Sparta's reaction says it all. He really doesn't care. There you have it. Sparta's one smart cat. His owner could very well die but the cat was the least impressed by his sudden departure plans. There will certainly be no moaning or groaning. Harsh! But that's the truth. 

If you are a cat lover then you must definitely try this, albeit at your own risk. Some cats may take to finding out if you are really dead by scratching and biting you. It also depends on how convincing your act is.