COITUS INTERRUPTUS: Man beats up cleaner who knocked on nightclub bathroom while he was having sex

COITUS INTERRUPTUS: Man beats up cleaner who knocked on nightclub bathroom while he was having sex
Billy Dean Fallon, an ex-army technician, got into a fight with a cleaner (Queensland Police Service)

BURLEIGH HEADS, QUEENSLAND: Getting frisky inside a bathroom stall comes with its risks, but that did not stop an Australian couple from getting it on. When 28-year-old Billy Dean Fallon and his partner were caught by a cleaner, Fallon began beating him up for the interruption. 

Fallon, who is an ex-army technician, repeatedly punched the cleaner in front of everyone, reports the New York Post. The couple was engaged in an "intimate" act inside Nightjar nightclub's female-disabled cubicle. A video of the physical assault shows a bare-bodied Fallon emerging from the stall and furiously beating the victim. The incident occurred earlier this year, on January 20. 


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(Queensland Police Service)
Billy Dean Fallon was beating up the cleaner while his partner looked on (Queensland Police Service)

Following the incident, Fallon appeared before the Southport Magistrates Court on Monday, November 7 and admitted to the assault and causing bodily harm to the victim. The CCTV footage of the incident was played in court, where the nightclub's cleaner could be seen knocking on the door of the bathroom stall for several minutes, with several women looking on. Suddenly, the door opened from the inside and a shirtless Fallon emerged who began to beat the victim immediately. His aggression and violent punches were caught on camera and the cleaner, who was taken aback, tried to fight back.


However, Fallon was relentless in his attack even as others tried to break the fight. Meanwhile, a blond woman dressed in a pastel green dress stood near the threshold of the same bathroom stall from where Fallon had emerged. She looked on at the fight, with two glasses of some beverage in her hand. Angus Edwards, the defense lawyer, told the court that Fallon and his partner had been in the "midst of an intimate encounter" when they were interrupted. "He was in there becoming intimate with his partner … they were in the midst of becoming intimate when someone started banging on the door," he said, arguing that his client "acted impulsively, he acted protectively and he thought he was protecting himself and his partner." 

The brutal assault left the cleaner with a broken nose. Meanwhile, Fallon was sentenced to a year in prison but was granted immediate parole. He was also ordered to pay a sum of $1,500 to the victim.

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