Texas gang member hacked off fiancee's hands while she was alive before killing her for ‘disrespecting’ him

Rafael Castillo, a documented gang member, was arrested for allegedly murdering Nicole Perry in San Antonio to 'make an example of her'

                            Texas gang member hacked off fiancee's hands while she was alive before killing her for ‘disrespecting’ him
(Brownsville Police)

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: A Texas man allegedly partially dismembered his fiancee while she was alive before hacking her to death. Rafael Castillo, a documented gang member, has been arrested for allegedly brutally murdering Nicole Perry in San Antonio to "make an example of her”, The Sun reported. The partial remains of the 31-year-old victim, who was also Castillo’s fiancée, wrapped in a tarp was found by road crews along a rural Texas road after she was hacked to death on November 19.

The 26-year-old accused has been charged with murder in connection to Perry’s death, which was branded as a "gruesome attack” by Bexar Country Sheriff Javier Salazer. Reports said that after executing the horrific crime, Castillo fled to Brownsville, but soon he was detained and brought back after which charges were pressed against him. Also, evidence found on the crime scene led authorities to a house on West Harlan, where the suspect reportedly lived. The sheriff said the house seemed to be a meeting point for partying and drug use. Also, it was found that Castillo allegedly used a hatchet to cut Perry’s body while she was alive. A witness alleged that they and four other males then put a square package, believed to be the victim's body, into an SUV and went outside to dump it. However, the witness said when they returned to the West Harlan home and found human hands with painted fingers inside a crockpot, they realized what was happening and within no time they left the place.

While the owner of the house reportedly said that the victim as well as the suspected killer were living with him as the two were homeless. On the day of the alleged killing, Castillo and Perry were allegedly having an argument, the homeowner said, adding that he left but returned later to find the victim’s head pierced with an axe while the accused was standing over her. Castillo allegedly said he killed the woman as she "disrespected [her fiance's] name," court records stated. Authorities have urged other suspects to "turn themselves in and put themselves in the witness column as opposed to the defendant's column."

In another incident, a private school pupil, who identified as non-binary, allegedly strangled as well as stabbed his mother 118 times before calling 999 to say, “bring a body-bag”, an inquest heard on December 14. Joanna Thompson was killed by Rowan Thompson on July 1, 2019, in her village home in England. After the brutal attack, the 17-year-old suspect made a call to 999 in a “calm, unemotional and quite ordinary manner” and said, “I've just killed my mum. I need someone to arrest me as that's what you do and an ambulance would be nice. I strangled her and I've been stabbing her with various knives and whatnot. My younger brother is at school, he's due back later tonight. She's not breathing... bring a body-bag or whatever you do. I'm 99.9 percent sure she's not breathing. I started strangling her, she fell to the floor. I strangled her a bit more and stopped... then I kept my hands around her. Then I started stabbing her and whatnot... She's in the living room.” The officer who arrested Rowan at the home in Hambledon, Hampshire, said he was “extremely calm and composed” and “seemed to be more concerned about his cat”.

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