'I'll cut your frickin head off.' Passengers terrified as man brandishes two chainsaws on subway train and threatens them

The video, which looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie, was posted on Twitter Monday afternoon by a petrified passenger.

                            'I'll cut your frickin head off.' Passengers terrified as man brandishes two chainsaws on subway train and threatens them

Law enforcement arrested a man who was allegedly threatening train passengers in San Francisco with multiple chainsaws while yelling that he was the "BART massacre".

After what passengers described as a frightening ordeal on the BART train, 47-year-old Patrick Bingman was taken into custody on Monday afternoon. He was seen holding a red chainsaw in a footage filmed by a commuter as he repeatedly tried to start the device. Bingman allegedly kept referring to himself as the 'Texas chainsaw massacre' and also the 'BART massacre', according to a tweet by @jalina_ks, the woman who filmed his antics.

Bingman can be heard muttering "I'll cut your frickin head off" early on in the footage. He was then seen removing a green chainsaw from its box and attempting to start the second device. At least two passengers could be seen walking out of the train carriage when the deranged man started flailing the second chainsaw around, Daily Mail reports.


The passenger who filmed and tweeted the video to SFBART while still on the train said: "This sh*t ain't funny @SFBART yall have to do better what the f**k." The concerned commuter received a quick response from SFBART, who tweeted: "We've never seen anything like this before. Best thing to do is to snap a pic and send it to dispatch via BART Watch App. You can also go to another car and alert the train operator using the intercom. What train car are you on?"


Bingman was arrested when he got off at Lake Merritt station after several passengers on the train alerted the authorities to his strange behavior. However, the woman who recorded the ordeal questioned the response time of the police in a tweet that followed.

"I was on the Richmond train they stopped him when he got off at Lake Merritt coming from Fremont y’all didn’t do anything UNTIL HE GOT OFF why did y’all wait!????????" she tweeted to SFBART.


SFBART replied saying: "Police received multiple calls and officers quickly positioned themselves to board the train at Lake Merritt when the man actually got off. There was no waiting to respond, they acted within minutes."


According to multiple reports, Bingman was arrested and booked into Alameda County jail for making threats and for several other outstanding warrants.

When asked by authorities as to why he was waving the chainsaws, which could prove to be lethal, he said he was "only playing around."

That said, both the chainsaws were stolen property, according to police.