Leroy Lopez: Albuquerque man went on stabbing spree injuring four within days of being out on parole

Leroy Lopez: Albuquerque man went on stabbing spree injuring four within days of being out on parole
Screenshots showing Leroy Lopez's recent arrest (KOB4)

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: The person who allegedly went on a stabbing spree in Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon, September 18, has a criminal history. The accused has been identified as Leroy Lopez, who had just come out of jail before carrying out the latest crime.

The 33-year-old was released on parole on September 12 and was sent to a transition living center. But he allegedly chose to attack four people with the first one happening on 1st St near I-40. The second target was a woman who was stabbed close to 1st and Central, just outside the Alvarado Transit Center. The third alleged victim of Lopez was a teenage boy, aged just 16, while the fourth one reportedly got injured outside the Golden Pride on Central and Old Coors.


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After the series of stabbings, the suspect was arrested near Coors and Central just before five in the evening. The Albuquerque Police Department revealed that they identified the man through his ‘Breaking Bad’, Heisenberg-style hat, which he was donning at the time. A steak knife with a serrated blade was also found with him. The police also added that all the violent assault appeared to be random and the people affected due to it are expected to survive.

In complaint, a police officer noted that “Leroy told officers he has regular blackouts where he does not remember his actions. He did not recall the incident.” Lopez has now been charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. However, later it was revealed that Lopez had spent time behind bars earlier also.

Three years ago in 2019, he was taken into custody for reportedly stabbing a man while arming himself with two knives. KRQE reported that charge, however, was not pursued because the victim and witness did not testify. Later in February 2021, he was found guilty of battery on a police officer. Lopez was then sent behind bars for four years with three years suspended, court records revealed.

Chief of Policy and Planning from the Albuquerque District Attorney's Office, Adolfo Mendez, said, “We had secured a conviction against Mr. Lopez. He was sentenced to 4 years of incarceration and had a year of pre-sentenced confinement because he had been in custody and he was serving the remaining three years. Under our statutory framework, if a person incarcerated earns good time, they can be released on parole.”

Meanwhile the case has attracted a lot of attention from people online too with a user saying, “How come you guys never interview @MayorKeller about all the homicides and ask him what he's doing to reduce crime in Albuquerque? You guys live here, too…” The second user wrote: “That’s so scary… i just hope everyone stays safe.”





The third user tweeted: “Stop with the sappy responses. Kill the man. We’re to soft here and other places in the us. Have got to stop making excuses for these criminals (and they are criminals) I’m so sorry doesn’t get it any more.” “Send it before and I’ll say it again  quite with the plea bargains. Send them into a public arena.  Let the public throw knives at them. Maybe they’ll get it,” the fourth user added.




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