Why did Sugar Bear faint? Jennifer Lamb drives him home, 'Mama June' fans say 'he's blessed he didn't die'

Why did Sugar Bear faint? Jennifer Lamb drives him home, 'Mama June' fans say 'he's blessed he didn't die'
Jennifer Lamb, Sugar Bear from 'Mama June' (WE tv)

Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson's health has not been in great shape. Wife Jennifer Lamb revealed that he was in a diabetic coma for five days. The next thing we know, he is polishing off sugary treats and potato fries like there's no tomorrow. The couple was out meeting a friend at a diner when Sugar Bear excused himself to visit the restroom. When a considerable amount of time had passed, a worried Jennifer knocked on the restroom door to find out if he was doing okay.

By then, he had almost collapsed. Leaning against the wall, Sugar Bear said in a feeble voice that he felt faint. While a member of the production crew asked if they should call an ambulance, Jennifer had reached her tipping point. She escorted him out of the restroom and drove away in their car but not before calling him out on his irresponsible behavior. He had forgotten his insulin back home, which caused his sugar levels to fluctuate.


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Meanwhile, worried fans slammed Jennifer for grilling Sugar Bear when he was in no condition to defend himself. A few even pointed out that she should have called for an ambulance instead of driving him home.

"Sugarbear you have got to start taking that sugar seriously. I am starting to think yelling, screaming, and being a bih is just how Jennifer communicate. #MamaJune," a fan commented, while another shared: "I love how Sugarbear is half passed out and Jennifer is still just yelling at him. Like idk maybe HELP him? #MamaJune."

"Here goes Jennifer’s evil ass. They would be out during the Covid. Sugar Bear needs to stop. Jennifer, you’re lucky they didn’t jumped you. #MamaJune," one user expressed. "Of course Jennifer would rather risk Mike's life driving him home than call an ambulance. #MamaJune," another pointed out.










"Diabetic coma??? Sugar Bear shouldn't even SAY "milk shake." #MamaJune #FromNotToHot," a viewer tweeted, while another wrote: "Sugar Bear said his glucose level was 1,040. I have never heard of such a thing. Health glucose should be under 150. My God. He is blessed he didn’t die. #MamaJuneRoadToRedemption #MamaJune." "#MamaJune that Jennifer is acting like karma on a bad day. Sugar Bear doesnt deserve to be escorted by that hateful old train wreck. Sheesh that is your husband. #havecompassion," a fan posted.








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