'Mother should be jailed': 'Mama June' star Anna Cardwell slammed for calling her daughter 'nasty c**t' during live video session

'Mother should be jailed': 'Mama June' star Anna Cardwell slammed for calling her daughter 'nasty c**t' during live video session
Mama June's daughter Anna Cardwell abused her daughter during a TikTok Live session (Instagram/@annamarie35)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: We all know that the Shannon sisters often go live on TikTok and because of the same, they have been under fire several times. Once again June Shannon's daughter Anna Cardwell received the internet's wrath after she abused and threatened her daughter Kaitlyn during a TikTok Live session.


'Mama June' fans couldn't stand Anna using foul language for her 11-year-old daughter. A few social media users took to the Reddit thread to slam the star for her out-of-the-line behavior. Some internet users called the star "trash", while some said that Anna's cancer cannot be an excuse for her bad behavior. 


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Anna Cardwell calls her daughter 'f*king nasty c**t'

The Shannon sisters often get too bold during TikTok Live. However, no one ever thought Anna will be so irritated by her daughter that she will start abusing her in the middle of a TikTom Live. A fan recorded the moment and uploaded the video on a Reddit thread, claiming, "I think Anna just got banned on Tik tok live for her language. She was talking to her 11 yr old daughter in this clip."

In the video, Anna can be seen saying, "B***h, I'll f**king knock you out." She then added, "You f**king nasty c**t." Well, this was something that wasn't expected of Anna amid her cancer struggle.



'That mother should be jailed for talking like that'

After Anna abused her daughter during the live video session, a fan commented in the thread, "Who tf calls their own child that?" To this, one replied, "Anna proudly does." Another called out Anna and her family and said, "The whole family is trash. Just bc Anna has cancer doesn't mean she's not trash too."


"These people are disgusting," commented a viewer. Another wondered, "Why people support this family is beyond me. PURE TRASH!" Another claimed about cancer-stricken Anna and wrote, "She might not even live to see them grow old and these will be the memories they’re left with, AWFUL."

As Anna shouted at her daughter Kaitlyn, it seemed that her 11-year-old cried. To this, a fan wrote, "Sounds like the daughter is crying. That mother should be jailed for talking like that to her daughter!" Another wrote, 'That is so mean :( poor baby crying."



Anna Cardwell undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 cancer

Anna, 28, has started her chemotherapy. TMZ reports that her hair has been "coming out in chunks." Despite struggles, Anna has remained positive about her illness. She has been spotted shopping for wigs to cover up the baldness created by the chemotherapy. The mother of two has been diagnosed with Stage 4 adrenal carcinoma.


The cancerous membrane was found in her liver, kidney, and lung, following a series of tests after constant stomach aches. Anna's mother June has been helping her to handle her daughters amid the illness, while Honey Boo Boo has been going with her sister for the chemotherapy rounds.

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 'Mama June': Internet blasts Anna Cardwell for abusing her daughter during live video session