'Mama June: Family Crisis': Justin Stroud accuses June Shannon of lying to his mother ahead of bridal shower

'Mama June: Family Crisis': Justin Stroud accuses June Shannon of lying to his mother ahead of bridal shower
June Shannon and Justin Stroud prepare for their wedding in front of their family (Instagram/officialsmallz1)

GORDON, GEORGIA: 'Mama June: Family Crisis' returned with a more dramatic episode. June Shannon and Justin Stroud prepared to tie the knot for the second time in front of their close family and friends after they had a courthouse marriage without their family.

Justin's mother, Rexanna Stroud, was excited about her son's wedding and planned a bridal shower for June in the latest episode of the WEtv show. However, when Rexanna asked whether her daughter will attend the ceremony, the reality star instantly assured Justin's mom about her daughters' presence despite the ongoing drama between them.


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Did June Shannon lie to Justin Stroud's mom?

June and Justin had an explosive fight during the latest episode of 'Mama June' Season 6. June tried to calm down Justin and tried to dance with him. However, Justin appeared to be mad at the reality star and made some serious accusations. Justin accused June of lying to his mother about whether her kids would be attending a bridal shower she was throwing in June's honour. He said, "You know that I'm trying to rebuild the relationship with Mama Dukes and you lied to her."

However, June insisted that she wasn't lying and that her kids "might show up". Notably, when Justin's mom had asked about her kids, she said that they are "very excited" to come. Justin didn't believe her and said, "Please try not to make me have to lie to my mom again." He even gave a warning to June and said, "Because that's putting me in a really rough place, and I don't want to have to choose between wife or mama."


Justin Stroud's mother invites Pumpkin to June Shannon's bridal shower

June wanted to have a lavish wedding in front of her daughters. Ahead of the wedding, Justin's mom held a bridal shower and invited June's daughter, Pumpkin, before the reality star. However, Pumpkin was seemingly offended as she learned about her mother's wedding plans through Justin's family. June noted that she did not expect that Justin's family would "reach out to you all on social media." Pumpkin was disheartened with her mother and said that she will not be attending her mother's bridal shower. Pumpkin said, "I already have plans for the bridal shower. So unfortunately, I won't be able to make it." However, Pumpkin noted that June's sister Doe Doe has told her that she'll come to the bridal shower.

New episode of 'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 6 drops on Fridays at 9 pm ET on We TV. You can also catch new episodes every Tuesday on the AMC streaming service, ALLBLK.

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 'Mama June: Family Crisis': Justin Stroud accuses June Shannon of lying to his mother