Who was Barack Obama's aunt Mama Hawa? Ex-POTUS' ailing aunt, 80, dies in Kenya

Obama is yet to address the death of his aunt who was hospitalized nearly two weeks ago, before she died at her home in a Kenyan village

                            Who was Barack Obama's aunt Mama Hawa? Ex-POTUS' ailing aunt, 80, dies in Kenya
Mama Hawa, the aunt of former president Barack Obama (Twitter)

According to reports, an aunt of former President Barack Obama has passed away at her home in Kenya. Mama Hawa Obama died on November 25, five days after being discharged from the hospital. She was 80 at the time of her passing. So far, Obama has not commented on her death, nor is it clear if he will travel to Kenya to meet with his family. 

The death of Mama Hawa comes just months after the Obama family matriarch Sarah Hussein Obama passed away at 99, also in Kenya. Obama's African roots have often become a major political hurdle, inspiring a whole 'birther' movement that was popularized by Donald Trump.  But in recent months, he's been making waves at home for a whole other reason. Obama's 60th birthday bash at Martha's Vineyard was blamed for a spike in Covid-19 cases, with hundreds of maskless guests thronging into the island. 


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Controversies aside, the former president has found other ways to make himself relevant. He recently launched 'Renegades', a podcast with Bruce Springsteen, and recently spoke at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. While he's traveled to Scotland and all over the US, it seems like Kenya isn't on his list, despite the death of Mama Hawa.



Who is Mama Hawa?

The 80-year-old is the sister of Barack Obama Senior, the father of the former president. She was married to the late Senior Chief Magak Odeka who died in 1993. Reportedly, Mama Hawa has been ailing for two years now, since suffering from a stroke. She also made headlines for once appealing to her nephew for financial aid, and help to build a house. But unfortunately, it seems Obama didn't get the message.

"She has really suffered. My mother could not reach her nephew, the former US  President, because she was illiterate. It's just painful that we are related but there has been no support to the family. She has suffered a lot," her son, Razick told Nation. It is believed he is a casual laborer. "The name Obama is famous and it has caused us a lot of misery because people always imagine we have money and are doing well which is not the case," he added.

Nine days ago, Mama Hawa was admitted to Rachuonyo District Hospital after her condition deteriorated, but she was then discharged five days ago. Beyond that, not much is known about Mama Hawa. She was reportedly buried in her village of Kokal in accordance with Muslim rites. 

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