MAMA 2021: Fans' Choice Top 10 and lineup of 4th-gen idols for special stage revealed

MAMA 2021: Fans' Choice Top 10 and lineup of 4th-gen idols for special stage revealed
Aespa's Karina, Ateez's Wooyoung, Enhypen's Heeseung, Itzy's Yeji, Stray Kids' Hyunjin and TXT's Yeonjun are collabing for a special stage (@aespa_official, @ATEEZofficial, @ENHYPEN_members, @ITZYofficial, @Stray_Kids, @TXT_members/Twitter)

With just a day left for the biggest night of the K-pop industry, fans are overly excited. MAMA aka Mnet Asian Music Awards is one of the major music awards shows in South Korea that recognize K-pop, indie artists, as well as entertainers. For MAMA 2021, they are going all out as we have reunions from Wanna One to Girls' Generation's members presenting and Lee Hyori collaborating with the ‘Street Woman Fighters’ crews. 

We also have performances by the likes of veterans like NCT and Brave Girls as well as popular fourth-gen artists and rookies like Stray Kids, Ateez and aespa. We are also getting special stages which include unexpected surprises like pop star Ed Sheeran. Along with him, we have ‘Squid Game’ star Heo Sung-tae, collaborating with Itzy, while MAMA 2021 has announced a special collab stage of fourth-gen idols.

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Fourth-gen idols special collab stage

This particular collab stage consists of what MAMA considers six representatives, all main dancers with oodles of stage presence, from popular fourth-gen K-pop groups. Half of them have been selected by Studio Choom for their 'Artist of the Month' dance cover series. The theme of MAMA 2021's fourth-gen idols special collab stage is ‘BlooM the Sound’.

Aespa’s Karina: She is the leader and the main dancer of her group.



Ateez’s Wooyoung: He is considered the main dancer of his group even though there aren’t such rigid categories assigned to Ateez members, according to their label.



Enhypen’s Heeseung: While there are no official positions in Enhypen either, Heesung is considered the center and one of the main dancers of the group.



Itzy’s Yeji: She is the leader and main dancer of her group and is known for her fierce and powerful dance style.



Stray Kids’ Hyunjin: He is the dancer of the group and is part of the DanceRacha sub-unit.



TXT’s Yeonjun: He is one of the dancers of his group.



Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 Award

Additionally, we also have the final rankings of one of the award categories at MAMA 2021. The Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 is the fan voting-based category where the awards are given to the most 10 most voted artists. The voting period ended on December 9. Only a couple of other criteria is considered for the award, so the rankings more or less determine the winners of this category.


BTS, NCT Dream, Treasure, TWICE are in the top 10 (@bts_bighit, @NCTsmtown_DREAM, @ygtreasuremaker, @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

#1 BTS 16.99%
#2 Stray Kids 15.84%
#3 Enhypen 7.54 %
#4 NCT Dream 7.36%
#5 NCT 127 6.93%
#6 Treasure 6.91%
#7 TXT 6.71%
#8 TWICE 6.26%
#9 Blackpink’s Lisa 6.25%
#10 Seventeen 6.22%
#11 Blackpink’s Rosé 6.17%
#12 Ateez 3.21%
#13 Astro 1.81%
#14 EXO 0.74%
#15 iKON 0.28%
#16 Itzy 0.20%
#17 The Boyz 0.20%
#18 Red Velvet 0.15%
#19 IU 0.15%
#20 aespa 0.09%

The 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards will be held on December 11 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET) on Mnet's YouTube channel


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