Malia and Sasha Obama look fashionable as they enjoy laid-back life in Los Angeles

Malia and Sasha Obama look fashionable as they enjoy laid-back life in Los Angeles
Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Barack Obama and Malia Obama (Instagram)

Malia and Sasha Obama have been spotted in Los Angeles this week, as former President Barack Obama's daughters are all grown up and leaving their White House days long behind to carve out new lives for themselves. 

Both of the Obama daughters seemed to have relocated to the West Coast. Daily Mail photographers caught the oldest sibling taking a smoke break outside of her job after it was reported that the 23-year-old had scored a position on the writing staff of a new Amazon project by Donald Glover. It seemed like she was taking a break from her job as she smoked a cigarette. She was dressed in a bright yellow sweater with a zipper at the top. She wore that overcropped green pants and black sandals, accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses and a canvas tote bag as she enjoyed a few moments under the sun. Before taking the break, she was seen at a coffee shop working on what looked like scripts. She then met up with a photographer friend, who took several photos of her with her camera.


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Sasha, 20, on the other hand, is completing her college education, having transferred from the University of Michigan to a California school. She seemed to be embracing the laid-back Los Angeles lifestyle as she wore a colorful and funky outfit while she took a walk through the City of Angels. Showing off her fashion-forward style, Sasha layered her sleeveless top and a tie-dye patchwork zip-up sweater with overalls. Her toned midriff and a sparkling belly button piercing were visible through her cropped clothing. Sasha transferred to a different school in Los Angeles after she completed her studies at the University of Michigan in 2019, a Daily Mail source reported. There were rumors on social media that she is currently a student at the University of Southern California.


What are the Obama girls up to?

The former first daughters have mostly stayed away from the limelight after their father left the White House in early 2017. Since then, they have chosen to keep their lives private after every facet of their lives was criticized and scrutinized for eight years.

Malia had taken a year off from school and enrolled in Harvard University, from which she graduated in the spring of 2021. She was always interested in filmmaking. She interned on the set of Extant in high school and with The Weinstein Company in 2017. Currently, she is working on an unnamed project for Amazon in Los Angeles.

Sasha's presence in the same city as her big sister might come as a surprise to many as it was reported earlier that she was living in Michigan for college. In 2019, Barack and Michelle Obama were pictured dropping her off there. However, she seems to have transferred to USC during the pandemic. It was not immediately clear if she transferred for her sophomore year in 2020 or her junior year in 2021. 

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