Sasha Obama or lookalike, who is in the viral 'midriff' photo? Internet says 'all Black people don’t look alike'

The Internet has pointed out Sasha and the woman in the photo don't have the same face shape, eyebrows or lips

                            Sasha Obama or lookalike, who is in the viral 'midriff' photo? Internet says 'all Black people don’t look alike'
Sasha Obama (Getty Images) and MEFeater Magazine/ Twitter

Sasha Obama has been a trending topic on social media for one whole day as a photo of hers started trending everywhere from TikTok to Twitter. Supporters of Sasha shared and reshared the image praising former president Barack Obama's 19-year-old daughter for "serving looks". While others criticized her for her choice of clothes.

The picture which is circulating as Sasha shows a young woman posing in front of the camera sporting a pink and white midriff-baring top, bikini bottoms, and a sarong. The image also shows that she has a fairly big tattoo on her ribcage and is wearing plenty of jewelry. Some outlets claim that this is the same layered necklace that Sasha was seen wearing in her previous TikTok videos. Many on social media have now come to doubt if the woman in the picture really is Sasha. 

MEFeater Magazine Twitter account was among the first few Twitter accounts to share that image on Sunday, December 13. The online publication had claimed it was Obama's daughter and wrote: 'Sasha Obama is GIVING honey!' From there, the image snowballed and went viral sparking numerous debates.

"If that's her, and I'm not convinced that it is, it's an old picture because both girls are home with Barack and Michelle right now since colleges are closed and classes are online," one person pointed out. Another user took to Twitter to point out that all Black people don't look the same, calling out critics as racists. "That’s not even Sasha Obama! All Black people don’t look alike. Sasha doesn’t have tattoos and wouldn’t take let alone post a picture of herself like that!" another added. "It's not Sasha Obama in the picture. You know they think all black people look alike," one more reiterated. 

Sasha is a sophomore at the University of Michigan and her mother, Michelle Obama, revealed in September that the teen was sticking to remote learning for now.  






"So who is this Sasha Obama look-alike if it ain’t her then?" one asked. No really, who is she? Apparently, it has been a talking point for some time now that it is Sasha's look-alike who has been going viral and not Sasha herself. "So I have a theory that’s not really Sasha Obama in those tik toks and the latest photo that’s circulating. It’s a look alike who is just milking the moment. Idk. I need a statement from the Obama’s! Confirm or deny it please... "


At the end of the day though, whoever it may be - Sasha or a look-alike - it doesn't take away from the fact that the image is being sexualized beyond compare. "The objectification and sexualization of black females even from childhood is so normalized and it’s downright disgusting. black girls and women of any age deserve the right to not be hypersexualized and objectified for everything they do. sasha has been a prime example."


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