Maison DesChamps: 'Pro-life spiderman' climbs New York Times building to protest against abortion

Maison DesChamps: 'Pro-life spiderman' climbs New York Times building to protest against abortion
Maison DesChamps climbed the New York Times building in New York and Salesforce Tower in San Francisco (@maison.deschamps/Instagram)

Abortion is a topic that has been debated for years and years. With pro-life and pro-choice people attacking each other with facts, one person took it to the next level. A 22-year-old man, who dubs himself the "Pro-life Spiderman", climbed the New York Times building in New York and the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and posted anti-abortion placards. Maison DesChamps calls himself a "rock climber that has recently started climbing skyscrapers to end abortion."

Only days after the leaked draught opinion that Roe v. Wade could be overturned by the Supreme Court, DesChamps ascended California's second-tallest skyscraper to deliver a pro-life message and raise money for anti-abortion causes. On Tuesday, May 3, 2022 morning, DesChamps traveled from Las Vegas to San Francisco and began climbing the 1,070-foot-tall Salesforce Tower at 9 am. The 22-year-old college student had been preparing for the risky climb for a month and had used Google Maps to find his way to the structure. 


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DesChamps was arrested for ascending the building. “Officers placed DesChamps in custody once he climbed all 61 floors to reach the tower's roof," the Daily Mail reported. "He appeared to only be wearing a hoodie, as several office workers inside the tower recorded footage of the climber reaching their floors without any climbing gear." He was detained by the San Francisco Police Department and charged with two misdemeanors -- trespassing and resisting a police investigation for failing to comply with police commands to stop climbing. On Tuesday afternoon, May 3, 2022, he was released.


A KGO-TV reporter asked DesChamps whether he was scared, to which he responded, "No...I cut my feet which means bringing your feet off the wall and I hung one off one hand to show off a little bit ya know?" DesChamps was asked if he had any regrets, and he simply replied, "No... it was fun. I'd do it again. I don't have any regrets. We're sending a message."

DesChamps spoke regarding doctors who abort saying, "These doctors are literally killing these babies on the table and leaving them out to die. We're not trying to yell at women who want to have an abortion, we don't want to blame them... we just want to let them know there are other options."


DesChamps also climbed the New York Times building. On Thursday, May 5, 2022 morning, he scaled the 52-story, 721-foot New York Times skyscraper in New York City. DesChamps scaled the Gray Lady's house at 5 am and hung two signs. "Abortion kills more than 9/11 every week!" read one of the signs. The pro-life protester was able to get access to the New York Times building and fled through the stairway. DesChamps posted videos on Instagram of himself climbing the New York Times building. The man has taken things really to the next level. What are your thoughts on the dangerous stunts?

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