'MAFS' Season 16: Meet Kirsten, 32, who wants a 'godly man' and won't settle for anything less

'MAFS' Season 16: Meet Kirsten, 32, who wants a 'godly man' and won't settle for anything less
'MAFS' Season 16 star Kirsten seen with co-star Shaquille (Lifetime)

TENNESSEE, NASHVILLE: Five new couples are ready to enter the romantic getaway of 'Married At First Sight' Season 16. The couples will be matched with the help of experts Dr Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, DeVon Franklin, and Dr Pia Holec. However, it is yet to be seen whether these matched couples manage to stay together till the end.

Lifetime took no time to renew the show for another season after Season 15 was met with rave reviews. Well, the upcoming season is about to stir a lot of drama. 'MAFS' Season 16 won't be the usual 18-19 episode affair. Instead, it will comprise 23 episodes. The more episodes, the more drama, of course. For the first time, 'MAFS' Season 16 will feature a married man trying to nurture a close connection with another cast member's wife. With so many interesting angles lying ahead, fans are eager to know everything about the season's cast. Keep reading to know about Kirsten.



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Who is 'MAFS' Season 16 star Kirsten?

Kirsten is 32 years old and single. The cast members' last names and social media profiles have been kept a secret so far but we know Kirsten has a determined personality. She is a confident woman who knows what she wants from life but is yet to meet someone up to her standards. 

My Lifetime reports that Kirsten is not willing to settle for anything less. She expects to meet "a godly man who will not be scared of her success and is willing to grow with her." Kirsten is currently pinning her hopes on 'Married At First Sight', where she is about to get hitched to Shaquille. Whether the match will prove compatible is yet to be seen.


The official synopsis of 'MAFS' Season 16 reads, "Ten Nashville, Tennessee-based singles will embark on a journey to meet the love of their lives during this 23-episode season, where they’ll marry a complete stranger, travel to their honeymoons and then move in together as husband and wife. After the 8-week social experiment concludes, each newlywed will have to come to terms with the hard truth of their marriage status and make a life-changing decision – continue to stay married and start a future together, or get a divorce and go their separate ways." 

'MAFS' Season 16 will release on January 4, at 9 pm ET on Lifetime.

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