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'MAFS' Season 14: Meet the 5 couples from Boston ready to find love

With Season 13 coming to an end, Season 14 gears up to help new couples find their happily-ever-after
UPDATED NOV 25, 2021
Katina & Olajuwon (Courtney Hizey Photography/ Instagram courtneyhizeyphotography)
Katina & Olajuwon (Courtney Hizey Photography/ Instagram courtneyhizeyphotography)

With Season 13 of 'Married At First Sight' coming to an end, it is now time for a whole new set of people to try their hand at love. The show is now moving to Boston in the hope of helping singles find their very own happily ever after with Season 14

While Season 13 ended with most couples choosing to part ways, save for Rachel and Jose, who are working on their relationship, that hasn't stopped the cast from finding love. But now, five Boston couples are ready to start their own marital journey!


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Alyssa & Chris

Alyssa is a 30-year-old who has devoted her life to saving animals. But that also means she has little to no time for love in her life. After her previous relationship ended, Alyssa realized just how unhappy she was and has now decided it's time for the experts to help her find that happiness instead. As mentioned by Lifetime -- "Alyssa truly believes that Married At First Sight is her opportunity to find love and she thinks the experts will be able to break her streak of bad luck and find her the man she's been searching for."

For 35-year-old Chris, all he has known since high school is back to back long term relationships. As per Lifetime -- "He needs the experts' help finding a match because he's learned that in his relationships thus far, he and his girlfriends are incompatible once the honeymoon phase ends. He he hopes the matchmakers will be able to find him a woman who will keep his interest long-term! Dating apps are just not getting the job done!"

Alyssa & Chris on 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/mafslifetime)

Jasmina & Michael

Jasmina is a 29-year-old who works with local youth as an early childhood education teacher. She has always been passionate about helping kids and thus made a career out of it. But when it comes to love, this teacher could use some guidance too. As per Lifetime -- " After witnessing many failed relationships in her family involving infidelity and having gone through the same in her past relationships, Jasmina has done the work and healed from her trauma. She is truly ready to settle down and hand off the reins to the experts."

28-year-old Michael may be a dating app veteran, but now, he is ready for real love. As per Lifetime -- "A heart- to-heart conversation with his sister, led to him signing up for Married At First Sight because he wants a wife and a family but hasn't been able to make it happen on his own. Michael trusts the experts and can't wait to see the magic they create for him in finding his perfect match."

Jasmina & Michael on 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/mafslifetime)

Katina & Olajuwon

29-year-old Katina has been on a journey of self-love for the past two years, focusing on her well being and spirituality. Now she is ready to fulfil her dreams of having a family. As per Lifetime -- She's always dreamed of being a wife and mother, but has struggled to find the right partner. Katina is ready for Married At First Sight because she believes this process works. She is ready to grow old with someone."

Olajuwon is a 29-year-old admitted former 'playboy', ready to reform his ways. Although he enjoyed not being tied down, he also soon realized that he had grown lonely. Now, he dreams of having a partner to start a new adventure with and hopes to have his own family. As per Lifetime -- "Olajuwon went to college with Jephte Pierre from season six of Married At First Sight. After reconnecting at their homecoming, Jephte only had great things to say about his MAFS experience so Olajuwon was thrilled when the show returned to Boston.

Katina & Olajuwon on 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/mafslifetime)

Lindsey & Mark

For 34-year-old Lindsey, her grandparents have set the ultimate benchmark, with over 70 years of marriage. Now, Lindsey hopes to write her own love story. As per Lifetime -- "Having learned a lot from past relationships, Lindsey knows both what she wants and what she brings to the table. She firmly believes that the experts will be able to find her not just a man, but a partner in life."

At 37 years old, Mark wants nothing more than to be a husband. However, while he did his time on dating apps, he couldn't seem to find any women that wanted to settle down. Having tried out to be a part of the show once before, Mark is back for a second shot at love! As per Lifetime -- "Nicknamed "Mark the Shark" he even applied to be Married at First Sight the last time the experts were in Boston and he feels that MAFS is destined to be his ticket to love! He's hopeful he'll finally get the answer to the question he's been asking for awhile now: "Mrs. Shark, where are you?!"

Lindsey & Mark on 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/mafslifetime)

Noi & Steve

33-year-old Noi is a free spirit when it comes to love. However, this has also come with its fair share of trouble. As per Lifetime -- "She is choosing to go on the Married At First Sight journey because she's tired of being let down. She trusts that the experts will have her best interest at heart."

For 38-year-old Steve, growing up around happy marriages set a precedent for what he wanted his future to be like. Having found out that his grandparents, who have been married for 60 years, had an arranged marriage, Steve is ready to try their recipe for success. As per Lifetime -- After witnessing so much love and happiness, marrying his future wife at first sight does not scare Steve. He is very hopeful that the experts will be able to find him a match who will make him as happy as his grandparents.

Noi & Steve on 'Married At First Sight (Instagram/mafslifetime)

The Season 14 'Matchmaking Special' will air on December 29 at 8p/7c on Lifetime. Then, on December 30 at 8p/7c, catch the 'Kickoff Special' where Kevin Frazier hosts a panel of insider experts, for an exclusive first look at the epic upcoming season only on Lifetime.
The Season 14 premiere kicks off with a three-hour episode, January 5, 2022, at 8p/7c on Lifetime.