Madonna posts on her bizarre obsession with wedding gowns and clueless fans ask 'what does this mean?'

Madonna says she's 'always been obsessed with wedding gowns' and shared a throwback 'X-Static' picture of a burning dress

                            Madonna posts on her bizarre obsession with wedding gowns and clueless fans ask 'what does this mean?'
Madonna (Getty Images)

Madonna has taken to her social media account to reveal a lifelong obsession. The Queen of Pop shared two pictures on Instagram on November 16 that showed a wedding gown burning in flames with one picture featuring 'Like A Virgin' written in blue marker. Madonna noted that her obsession is not for the subject of marriage but more in tune with the celebrity-like perks that come with being a bride on her special wedding day. "I’ve Always Been Obsessed with wedding Gowns. Not Because of Marriage. I didn’t really think that part through," she said.

"I fantasized about being a bride Because a Bride is the center of attention," she explained, adding, "She gets to dress up in lace and tulle and everyone takes her picture. Every Bride is a celebrity on her Big Day."

"Of course then she has to go back to her regular life. And for some women, that one big day is enough," Madonna continued. In her conclusion, she said, "Not For Me..........I wanted More. I wanted to scorch the earth. 🔥," adding credits to the famed photographer for the pics, Steven Klein.

Her post is also on her Twitter. Check it out below.



Although some fans are praising Madonna for her note on being a bride, others are unclear as to what the post is all about. "Are you drunk?" asked a fan to which another replied, "I don’t get her post anymore .. she spam that much ..." One fan asked, "Wut does this mean" in all caps. "Then your next album needs to be good enough to get the attention you always need. The last album, tour & performances were a major let down," wrote another fan, taking this opportunity to air their grievance.











"Where’s the immaculate collection surprise sis its been a week," wrote a fan of a recent teaser given by Madonna. Last week, Madonna revealed that she is celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'Immaculate Collection', with something coming very soon that is connected to the greatest hits album.

Another fan wrote, "So X-Static Process is going to be on the new Immaculate Collection ????"




Hardcore fans may recognize the photo of the burning wedding gown as a picture that featured in Madonna and Klein's 'X-STaTIC PRO-CeSS' book. For those unfamiliar with the book, it is an original & extremely rare autographed 2003 Italian pressed hand-bound art book which presents a 10-hour photoshoot by Klein of Madonna as featured on the 'Re-Invention' tour introduction video montage and on Madonna's 'I'm Going To Tell You a Secret' tour documentary.

It's unclear whether Madonna's new post is tied to her music, side projects or is exclusively a personal note. It could also be a recollective thought of her wedding gown obsession as she currently gathers info and works on her upcoming biopic. Whatever her reasoning for the post, fans are left confused and need answers. If not, keep a lookout on her social media for updates on the surprise about 'Immaculate Collection'.