Is Madonna a 'Karen'? Internet says she canceled herself by supporting 'demon sperm' doctor Stella Immanuel

Is Madonna a 'Karen'? Internet says she canceled herself by supporting 'demon sperm' doctor Stella Immanuel
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After the sensational pop icon Madonna posted an Instagram post in support of Stella Immanuel and 'America's Frontline Doctors' touting hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19, she was soon called "far worse than a Karen" by the internet.

Her post was removed by Instagram for spreading false information and seems like the ‘Papa Don't Preach’ star cancelled herself and her glorious legacy as fans are now calling her Karen. A fan tweeted, "I remember a time when Madonna was so cool. I remember in summer camp, we would 'Vogue', while running around innocently singing 'Like a Virgin'. She was Madonna but it has become painfully clear in the last few years that the woman once known as Madonna has now gone full Karen." Karen has mushroomed as a popular new age slang that stands for an "obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman" who uses her privilege to get her way or call out others' behaviors.

People are also calling her worse than POTUS Donald Trump who backed Immanuel’s Evangelical statements like sexual visitations by demons and alien DNA being the root of America’s common health problems. "Madonna is far worse that any Karen could dream of being. It's possible that she's actually worse than Trump (!) as she has a massive, long-standing following," tweeted a user below comedian Sarah Cooper's post that said, "I am not excited to have lived long enough to see the moment Madonna became a Karen." 

Many lashed out at her saying that her claims of Covid-19 cure are obnoxious. “Dear Madonna, Girl get some therapy please, don’t embarrass yourself anymore. There isn’t a cure for #COVID19 & it’s not a conspiracy theory. You’ve been having meltdowns lately & I think you need rehab. Sincerely, Us Sane People. Just like a prayer use your voice for reality." Another user tweeted, "Wow The #Coronavirus is spreading more than just Virus It is like a Zombie Apocalypse Turning People into KARENS It sadly took @Madonna today Madonna is Now a #KAREN I don't know if this AFFLICTION is Reversible or NOT Maybe it Only EXPOSES what was REALLY there only Hidden."

A user pointed out how Madonna won the battle in the right to roam case, becoming a Karen long back in 2004. "Now be fair, she's been a Karen for years and years now in 2004, for example, she was getting mad about people walking on pre-existing public footpaths near a house she'd just bought in Britain," shared an enraged follower on Twitter. In this case, the pop icon and her then-husband and film director Guy Ritchie had a partial victory in their attempt to keep ramblers out of their £9M property on Wiltshire Dorset border, which is open for the general public under Britain’s access legislation. 

With the twitterrati enraged and threatening to cancel her, Madonna has become the latest victim of cancel culture. People are listing reasons why they’d not like to listen to her songs anymore after such false information. "#Madonna doing the best Karen impression to find relevance is why I go for a walk without my phone," said one user.

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