'Madam Secretary' Season 6 Episode 5: Fans sad as beloved Daisy bids farewell after info leak, call it a 'hard pill to swallow'

Considering the focus this episode put on Daisy's commitment to the office and Elizabeth, it is likely this is where we say goodbye.

                            'Madam Secretary' Season 6 Episode 5: Fans sad as beloved Daisy bids farewell after info leak, call it a 'hard pill to swallow'

This article contains spoilers for Season 6, Episode 5.

Tonight's episode of 'Madam Secretary' final season 6, aka episode 5, 'Daisy' hit a lot of fans really hard.

As the official synopsis states, "When Daisy is implicated in the leak of hacked information, Elizabeth must decide what to believe." Our beloved Daisy, the Communications Director and Press Secretary to the eponymous secretary put President Elizabeth McCord in the middle of a scandal that compromised with the legitimacy of Elizabeth's election. As an investigation opened against Daisy, we saw her being interrogated about possessing illegal documents from a French reporter, and those papers held information about a Senator Elizabeth ran against. After the Iranians exposed the Senator's affair, the press accused Elizabeth of conspiring and leaking the information to gain office - thereby it all zeroing in on Daisy to take the fall.

Daisy, despite Elizabeth's earnest pleas to stick around, decides to resign as she finally takes the podium at the end of the episode. But as it turns out, her sacrifice was in vain because the reporter eventually comes clean about Daisy not being her source. The episode ended with only Elizabeth carrying this crucial piece of information, and with the amount of focus it paid to Daisy's commitment to the office, and more so - Elizabeth, it's obvious that this was goodbye - something that a lot of fans are having a hard time coping with.


Taking it to social media, a fan Tweeted: "Having a harder time coming to terms with @patinamiller's departure from @MadamSecretary than I thought I would. All the off screen write-offs were one thing, & tough, but being confronted with it up front, and in this way... Hard pill to swallow." Miller played the role of Daisy to perfection ever since the character was introduced, and rightfully, a fan mourned, sharing: "Daisy is gone I guess this is it no one left I hope the McCords go on vacation and end it that way."

Others chimed in with plotholes, such as "Why didn't the Reporter just tell the Grand Jury that Daisy was not the Leaker?" And another observant fan opined how "This was about Daisy but I kind of would've liked it to be about Bess. It was the moment the first woman was elected President & also the moment the country (not the House) elected an Independent. I think that moment deserved more. (Damn 10 episode limit)."

The most intense comments came from the show's critics of course, as one Trump enthusing prospective critic shared: "your show is disgusting. Get ready, because 2016; election night, is about to repeat itself, only this time it will be a LANDSLIDE! I CAN’T wait to see the DemocRATS have their meltdowns and need their SAFE PLACE’S AGAIN! PATHETIC"

'Madam Secretary' season 6 airs on Sundays at 9pm only on CBS.

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