Madam Jung confirms former YGE CEO Yang Hyun-suk's involvement in soliciting prostitutes

Madam Jung confirms former YGE CEO Yang Hyun-suk's involvement in soliciting prostitutes

YG Entertainment's former CEO Yang Hyun-suk was accused of soliciting prostitutes for foreign investors by inviting them over for dinner in Seoul in July 2014. It was reported that he sought Madam Jung's (name changed) help and invited women over for a dinner he arranged for Malaysian business tycoon Jho Low.

In June, Madam Jung denied Hyun-suk mediated prostitution services, admitting to the presence of women at the dinner, but denying prostitution took place. Now, she has back-tracked on the same in an interview for MBC's investigative program, 'Straight'. According to a report in Soompi, she has now stated she only followed Hyun-suk's instruction, nothing more or less.

Speaking about a Europe trip, where Madam Jung had traveled to with 10 other girls to "entertain" the investor, she said, "On the way to Europe, I received a phone call from Yang Hyun-suk’s side. It was the first time I had ever been called by CEO Kim of YGX. CEO Kim couldn’t do anything that Yang Hyun Suk didn’t tell him to do.”

She further added, "Photos of 10 girls were sent to Yang Hyun-suk’s friend." She also recalled that one week before the trip, a friend had delivered 200 million won ($170,000 approx) to her, which she was told was sourced from Jho Low. The friend stayed throughout the trip as an interpreter as well. She also explained that Hyun-suk had instructed her to pay 10 million won ($8,500 approx) to each of the 10 women and take the rest - 100 million won ($85,000 approx) - for herself. 

She said, "I just did as I was told by YG. I’m not someone who can get a lot of powerful figures to gather in one place. There was a cross-examination, and YG’s side claimed that they didn’t know why I had brought the girls." Speaking of why she was revealing the details now, Madam Jung said this was due to YGE's side changing their testimony and claiming they had no prior knowledge about why Madam Jung brought 10 women with her. 

She also revealed that after the preview of the 'Straight' episode aired, she received a call from CEO Kim, and was told that it was “unlikely that the police will continue investigations.” Madam Jung further added that such dinner meetings were unlike Hyun-suk, and said "Yang Hyun-suk doesn’t often have dinners with businessmen. That’s why this is even more out of the ordinary. I don’t know what he wanted to gain from asking me to do this. Yang Hyun-suk knows exactly why I took the money. Because he ordered it. I went [to Europe] because he told me to. That’s the truth.”

YGE CEO's involvement with soliciting prostitutes was reported by MBC in June and Korean singer Psy was also named in the report as someone who was present at the dinner in 2014. Followed by this, Psy was also investigated by the police. He stated on Instagram that while Jho Low was his friend and he was present at the dinner, he was unaware of anything illegal that occurred at the time as he had left early. 

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