'Gangnam Style' singer Psy questioned in connection to prostitution scandal involving ex YGE CEO Yang Hyun suk

'Gangnam Style' singer Psy questioned in connection to prostitution scandal involving ex YGE CEO Yang Hyun suk

South Korean singer and 'Gangnam Style' hitmaker Psy was brought in for questioning by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in relation to the investigation into claims of former YG Entertainment (YGE) CEO Yang Hyun suk's involvement in prostitution, reports said.

It has been alleged that Hyun suk rented a high-end restaurant in Seoul to provide sexual favors for foreign investors in July 2014. The police confirmed that they questioned Psy in relation to this investigation. 

According to a report in allkpop, the singer was taken in for questioning on June 16 at about 9 pm and which continued until 2:15 am. A police representative said, "We questioned Psy to verify the factual relationship (regarding the suspicions of sexual favors).”

The police said on June 23 that they called in the Korean singer on an earlier date regarding Hyun suk procuring prostitution services for his investors. 


On April 27, 'Straight' -- an investigative reporting program on local Korean news channel MBC -- broke the story about YGE's former CEO allegedly procuring prostitution services for two Southeast Asian investors in July 2014.

One of them was revealed to be Malaysian fugitive Taek Jho Low, who is currently being sought by the authorities for being the main character in the multi-billion 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal. 1MDB is an insolvent Malaysian strategic development company under the purview of Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and which came under the spotlight for alleged money laundering, fraud and theft.

Former CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun suk. (Source: Getty Images)


It was also revealed that another YG artist was present at the restaurant, who was later revealed to be Psy. The singer took to Instagram and claimed that he was at the restaurant but Hyun suk and he had left early. Psy in this statement revealed that Jho Law was his friend, but also claimed that he was not aware of the illegal activities that took place in the restaurant in Seoul, in 2014.


He recalled how he had introduced the Malaysian businessman to Hyun Suk in 2014. He also recounted how their friendship sparked because Jho Law was quite active in the Hollywood industry at that time. It was also the same time that Psy rose to global popularity for his track 'Gangnam Style'.

According to a report in Malay Times, Psy wrote, "It is true that the Jho Low mentioned in the news is my friend. When I knew [Jho Low] back then, he had been someone who was active in Hollywood’s show business industry. I came to know of him because of my overseas activities during that time, and I introduced Jho Low to Yang Hyun Suk. Regardless of if he was a good friend or not, it is an indisputable fact that I was friends with Jho Low."

Meanwhile, an arrest warrant was issued on June 21 for Jho Low in relation to his involvement with the 1MDB scandal.


Yang Hyun suk is expected to be questioned by the police next, however, a date for this is yet to be revealed.  

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