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Is Macron copying Zelenskyy? New photos show French President in comfy hoodie & jeans

The usually well-dressed and clean-shaven French President sported a dark hoodie and jeans with a face full of stubble
The French President seems to be taking style inspiration from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy
(Instagram/ @Soazigdelamoissonnière/ Twitter/@@ZelenskyyUa)
The French President seems to be taking style inspiration from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy (Instagram/ @Soazigdelamoissonnière/ Twitter/@@ZelenskyyUa)

It looks like French President Emmanuel Macron has started taking styling tips from Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Zelenskyy has become quite a recognizable figure as he was seen these past few weeks clad in simple khaki hoodies, jackets and t-shirts while coordinating his country's defenses. It seems like President Macron might have copied his casual and comfy style.

New pictures have emerged of the French President, who is seldom seen wearing anything other than an immaculate fitted suit, coiffed hair and a clean shave, sat behind a desk in the Golden Room of the  Elysee Palace in Paris, sporting a dark hoodie, jeans, and a face full of stubble. The French leader is barely recognizable upon first glance, his baggy black hoodie a stark departure from his preferred slim navy jacket.


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President working hard in a new comfy outfit. (Instagram/@Soazigdelamoissonnière)

The picture was released Tuesday morning, March 15 by Soazig De La Moissonnière, Macron's official photographer, on her instagram. It shows the French President working hard, fielding calls from international leaders in poses that bear a striking resemblance to images of Zelenskyy preparing to speak with the media or deliver a stirring video address from his office in the Ukrainian capital. The comedian-turned-President has ditched the suit and tie that would typically befit a head of state for more utilitarian attire as he splits his time between the presidential palace and the streets of war-torn Kyiv. Since most leaders do not wear such a style of clothing, Zelenskyy's niche style has set him apart among world leaders. Seeing the French President in similar attire has sparked rumors that he could be copying the Ukrainian President's style.

The images were well received on social media, with Twitterati applauding the seemingly candid shots of the President going about his business. However, some have accused Macron of trying to appear more relatable, copying Zelenskyy and trying to get a bit of attention banking on his recent popularity.

French President in the Golden Room at Elysee Palace, Paris.(Instagram/@Soazigdelamoissonnière)

Some people, however, were of the view that, until now, Macron has been a perpetually well-dressed character and a leader who wouldn't dare to be caught out of his suit and tie even during off-duty. They wondered why he has changed his style now when he could have changed it a long time back. Then again, with all that is happening in the world right now, it could just be that the French President just wants comfort and nothing else, some theorized.

One Twitter user sarcastically remarked, "Zelenskyy should start showing up in a series of increasingly silly hats, and put smoked salmon in his morning coffee just to see if Macron starts doing it". Another wrote, "Macron has released a selection of photos.. he’s gone full on Zelenskyy. Zelensky’s heroics have seen his approval rating improve from 25 % to over 90. Macron wants some of that". Another accused him of banking on Zelenskyy's popularity to win the election in April, "Does he look familiar? Well yes, President Macron is copying Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to give him a poll boost in the April French elections."