Chantel Jeffries, Sommer Ray and now Megan Fox: Machine Gun Kelly is living 'best year of his life', say fans

MGK has also been romantically involved with Halsey, Kate Beckinsale, Amber Heard and Noah Cyrus and has a daughter with Emma Cannon

                            Chantel Jeffries, Sommer Ray and now Megan Fox: Machine Gun Kelly is living 'best year of his life', say fans
Meghan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Chantel Jeffries (Getty Images)

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly called Megan Fox his girlfriend on Twitter recently. The 'Transformers' actress and he shot a music video together for his song 'My Bloody Valentine' that released last month. It was around the same time that the two were spotted in each other's company in the Calabasas neighborhood of Los Angeles. Cut to earlier this week, the two were spotted sharing a kiss in public after their outing at Mr Furley's bar in Los Angeles. A day later, MGK confirmed that they were in a relationship with the tweet, "'I'm calling you girlfriend, what the f**k' life imitated art on that one," followed by a heart emoji.

MGK's new relationship bloomed soon after his breakup with fitness model Sommer Ray. Just like he was the first to confirm his relationship status with Fox, MGK had also made his relationship with Ray public by retweeting two pictures of them — one was a paparazzi photo of them kissing while the other was one from their outing on the show 'Wild N Out'. This was on March 19 this year and on April 23 the rapper announced their breakup. He tweeted, "She came and picked all her stuff up on my birthday. Nice."

His other confirmed relationship was with DJ and music producer, Chantel Jeffries. The two were spotted in public a number of times throughout July last year. They were first spotted by the paparazzi while heading to a Dave Chappelle show on July 1, 2019. The couple didn't confirm their relationship until the latter days of September. Jeffries posted an Instagram story referencing the paparazzi photo from July with the words "my baby" written at the bottom. MGK had reposted the same on his story with "ily bb" which is the internet code for "I love you, baby". However, the romance seemed to have faded away soon after. 

Other celebrities that MGK's been linked to include Halsey, Kate Beckinsale, Amber Heard and Noah Cyrus. He also has a daughter with Emma Cannon. Twitter went into a frenzy after news of Fox and MGK's relationship went public. A lot of them were surprised at the fact that the latter dated all of the three women in a matter of a few months.

"So you’re telling me MGK bagged Chantel Jeffries, Sommer Ray & now Megan Fox all in a few months???" wrote a fan. While another wrote, "We all talking bout canceling 2020 and all this s**t, meanwhile MGK having the best year of his life. The man went from Sommer Ray to Megan Fox." Another wrote, "MGK is a sniper. No cap. Chantel Jeffries, Sommer Ray, Megan Fox. Just a couple of recent names. Props." One more said, "Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are gonna last as much as the taste of juicy fruit bubblegum." One more wrote, "Machine Gun Kelly dates Sommer Ray, and then Megan Fox. Ffs lad you’re a legend." Another said, "Machine Gun Kelly f***ed sommer ray and now he f****n Megan fox like the world is in the s***s and this dude just f****n all the baddies lmfao dude livin his best life." One more said, "Machine Gun Kelly with the silent wins Chantel Jeffries, Summer Ray and now Megan Fox?"

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