Eminem vs MGK: Did Machine Gun Kelly always have a diss track recorded for whenever Shady was about to go off on him?

Here's a little bit of info to spice things up: Both Eminem and MGK are signed to the same record label. Oh, and MGK had released 'Rap Devil' six months ago on his SoundCloud.

                            Eminem vs MGK: Did Machine Gun Kelly always have a diss track recorded for whenever Shady was about to go off on him?

One of the most burning feuds in the pop culture world today is Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly. And while Shady and MGK have been firing verbal shots at each other back to back in the form of what's popularly labeled as 'diss tracks' by the cool kids, recent updates and noticeable facts about MGK's diss track on Eminem, 'Rap Devil', shows that Eminem's very own album 'Kamikaze' - said to be the epicenter of the beef - wasn't, in fact, the starting point of it all.

On the contrary, the actual timing of the creation of 'Rap Devil' does make one question whether MGK's backlash at Eminem was at all a result of being dissed by him, through his new track, 'Not Alike' from 'Kamikaze'.

Forget that, these new facts brought to light by fans on Twitter also reduce the whole 'beef' to some publicity stunt concocted purely by the label - Interscope - which, get this: they BOTH are signed to!

First things first - let's get all the deets on what happened when and how things unfurled. So, it all started with Eminem dropping one of his most controversial album in recent times - 'Kamikaze' - on August 31, this year. The album showcases the rapper taking digs at almost everyone, from Donald Trump to Tyler, The Creator. And somewhere in between the tracks, there's also some diss that's been served to MGK - piping hot and all.

In his diss track at MGK, Eminem comes at the 28-year-old for calling his daughter, Hailie "hot as fuck" back in 2012. And so it went down; soon MGK fired some shots back with 'Rap Devil,' where he called the 8-Mile rapper "sober and bored," and also going to the lengths of stating that he "Still can't cover up the fact the last four albums as bad as your selfie." Ouch. But all that stinging aside, what must be noted - thanks to diligent fans on Twitter - is that MGK had actually posted 'Rap Devil' long back on his SoundCloud. Say, precisely seven months ago!


And this is exactly what has led to several conspiracy theory gurus on the social media platform to come to the conclusion that this explosive beef is staged. Apart from the fact that both the rappers have gained immense profits from how fast and steadily viral their diss tracks aimed at each other went, the two are also signed to Interscope, as we've mentioned above. So it's quite plausible to assume that the label has been earning colossally from the 'beef.'

One such fan took to Twitter to explain: "It's all inside work both have dealings at Interscope MGK and Eminem what better way of giving his career a breath of fresh air is dissing one of the larger acts on the imprint." Another one mentioned: "@Interscope is the real winner in this beef. I wouldn't be surprised if they have someone writing @machinegunkelly's response to @Eminem's Killshot right now. It's mad obvious from MGK's previous music he didn't write Rap Devil. It'll be even more obvious if he responds." A third one noted: "Interscope is make so much money off MGK and Eminem beef." [sic]


Even rapper OverTime got dropped his two cents on the topic and elaborated on it through a Facebook post.



And even if it is not a staged publicity stunt to earn them bills, the whole timing of MGK putting up 'Rap Devil' on his SoundCloud really makes one wonder: Did he always know that Eminem was going to come at him at one point or another?



Well - considering Eminem's track-records (full pun intended), the Real Slim Shady has never been one to not call out people for whatever wrong he might have noticed in them. Eminem is still as unapologetic and unabashed as he was all those years ago when he rhymed about an 'A** Like That.' So knowing full well about the way he comes at people, MGK easily could have known that his comments on Marshall Mathers' daughter wouldn't go unnoticed by the rap-God.

So - just to be prepared, in a better safe than sorry situation - maybe MGK always had that diss track ready for whenever Eminem was about to go off. And after Eminem himself pretty much-made #RIPMGK trend after his final diss-response in the form of 'Killshot,' it only seems natural that MGK was prepared all this while for that one comment he had made about Hailie Mathers over five years ago.

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