'Unsellable Houses': Leslie and Lyndsay give a basic house an industrial-chic makeover, earn a huge profit

'Unsellable Houses': Leslie and Lyndsay give a basic house an industrial-chic makeover, earn a huge profit
Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb (HGTV)

HGTV's show 'Unsellable Homes' features real estate consultants and twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb who jazz up lifeless properties into homes to die for. Each episode of the show features a new house that has been on the market for a long time but has no takers yet. That's when the sisters step in to help out the house owners who've been wanting to sell their homes for a while.

The format is such that Leslie and Lyndsay visit houses and compare all aspects such as price points, design aesthetics, facilities, etc and then try to bring something new to the project at hand to increase its chances of selling with necessary and impactful renovations. The process of them converting these unlovable houses and turning it into a homebuyer's dream is really informative and inspiring and viewers at home can definitely pick an idea or two from the sisters while they transform the houses.

For this episode, Lyndsay and Leslie took the onus of helping a woman who's presently caring for her ailing father and is experiencing great hardship selling her house. The sisters step in and decide to give her basic cozy house a complete makeover and plan to give it a high-end look so that buyers would not have to think twice about them wanting to buy it.


The house was initially listed on the market for $4,50,000. The sisters plan to spend $50,000 in renovations and then put the house on the market again with the new price of $5,75,000, the $75,000 profit would be shared between them and the house owner equally.

After getting a nod on the prices from the homeowner, the sisters get to work. They change every aspect of the house that was not working, for example, the old tiles, the nonfunctional dining area, the untidy trims of the windows, a damaged kitchen counter, a lot of unused space, useless pieces of furniture taking up a lot of space making the house look smaller. They also decided to spruce up the master bedroom and added a bathroom to which they added one more sink, a must-have in modern houses nowadays. They also tried ombre painting a wall for the first time in the master bedroom which turned out beautifully.


After all the renovations, the sisters put the house on the market and were able to rake in an unbelievable $6,25,000 for the house. 

'Unsellable Houses' airs every Tuesday night on HGTV.

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