Back to daddy duty! 'Luke Cage' star Mike Colter confirms he is expecting baby no 2 with wife Iva

Back to daddy duty! 'Luke Cage' star Mike Colter confirms he is expecting baby no 2 with wife Iva
Mike Colter (Source:Getty Images)

Mike Colter is soon going to become a very busy man. With the release of the second season of Netflix's 'Luke Cage' due on June 22, the show's breakout star already has his plate full at the moment, and soon, it is going to get even more crowded. 

According to People magazine, the Marvel star, who is father to a 3-year-old daughter, is looking forward to some changes on the domestic front with his wife Iva six months along in her pregnancy as she is expecting the couple's second child. And as it seems, it would be another pink-themed celebration for the parents-to-be as the report confirms that they are expecting a baby girl.       

“We are feeling happy but a bit nervous as well," the happy couple, about to become second-time parents were quoted as saying by the magazine. "It’s a new member of the family. While it will shift focus for us again, our daughter Niles will probably be affected the most, so we are making sure she feels comfortable and excited with the change to our growing family."

In their own words, Colter and his wife, a Netflix executive, cannot be more happy that the newest addition to their family is also a girl. The couple met while at Rutgers University in New Jersey — he was getting a graduate masters degree in acting while she was studying for a PhD in comparative literature.   

“We actually wanted another girl so we are very excited,” said the Luke Cage actor, as per Us Weekly, adding that at the moment the debate is over a name for the bundle of joy, on her way. "It consists of Iva suggesting baby names, while I shoot them down. I’ll know it when I hear it!” explained Colter. 

On the work front, Colter recently dished to Variety about what viewers can expect in the next season. In the second season, the stakes are going to be high. And if the show's star and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is to be believed, the titular Marvel hero would have to endure some serious ass-kicking as well.


“This season, the stakes have risen because Luke’s expected to be a leader in a community that has a lot of problems,” Colter said.

Back at home, Colter and his wife better be prepared for some extra duties when the baby girl is finally here. One look at the actor's Instagram and fans would know that his older daughter Naiella is a star in her own rights, especially when it comes to adorable pictures her daddy posts of her. The two will definitely be having their hands full. 

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 Luke Cage star Mike Colter confirms he is expecting baby no 2 with wife Iva