'Lucky Grandma': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Chinese comedy

'Lucky Grandma': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Chinese comedy
Tsai Chin's Grandma Wong (IMDb)

Thinking about heist movies, the mind doesn't necessarily or immediately think of sassy grandmas to live their best lives when the prospect of moving in with their sons loom large, but such is Tsai Chin's Grandma Wong in Sasie Sealy and Angela Cheng's hilarious gangster film 'Lucky Grandma'. Playing the titular role, Chin can be seen chain-smoking and armed with bodyguards, pretty much reigning like a boss on her quest to be an independent woman at the age of 80 after her husband dies. Here's all you need to know about the show.

Release date

Having already premiered in the Tribeca Film Festival back in January 2020, 'Lucky Grandma' arrives on virtual theatres on May 22.

Tsai Chin as Grandma Wong (IMDb)


According to the official synopsis of the film, "In the heart of Chinatown, New York, an ornery, chain-smoking, newly widowed 80-year-old Grandma (Tsai Chin) is eager to live life as an independent woman, despite the worry of her family. When a local fortune teller (Wai Ching Ho) predicts a most auspicious day in her future, Grandma decides to head to the casino and goes all in, only to land herself on the wrong side of luck...suddenly attracting the attention of some local gangsters. Desperate to protect herself, Grandma employs the services of a bodyguard from a rival gang (Corey Ha) and soon finds herself right in the middle of a Chinatown gang war."


Directed by Sealy, the film is co-written by her and Cheng. Sealy is known for her work in films like 2008's 'Elephant Garden' and 2014's 'The Last Song'.

Tsai Chin as Grandma Wong (R) and her lazy giant of a bodyguard Big Pong, played by Hsiao-Yuan Ha (IMDb)


Chin is at the forefront of this incredible Chinese gang war and heist movie as Grandma Wong. The Chinese–English actress, singer, director, teacher and author is best known in America for her role as Auntie Lindo in the film, 'The Joy Luck Club'. She has also appeared in two James Bond movies as a Bond girl in 'You Only Live Twice' and also in 'Casino Royale'. Eddie Yu plays the role of her son and Woody Fu and Michael Tow play goons Pock Mark and Little Handsome, respectively. Grandma's lazy giant of a bodyguard Big Pong is played by Hsiao-Yuan Ha.


Summing up all the sugar and spice that Chin brings to the screen as Grandma Wong, the trailer really captures your interest to see the action unfold in 'Lucky Grandma'. Check it out below:


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