"I miss you so much I cannot even put into words": Tragic 'Love Island' star Sophie Gradon's boyfriend Aaron still shattered by her death

Aaron Armstrong is still grieving the death of his girlfriend and he took to Instagram to reveal how much he missed her presence and valued her.

                            "I miss you so much I cannot even put into words": Tragic 'Love Island' star Sophie Gradon's boyfriend Aaron still shattered by her death

'Love Island' Sophie Gradon died on Wednesday (June 20) and her boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong took to Instagram to pay tribute to his late girlfriend. "Sophie, you are the Most beautiful human being iv ever seen inside and out," he wrote. "I miss you so much I can not even put into words you are my angel my soul mate my one and only I devote my heart to you I am yours you are myn."

He continued, "I know you are by my side every day I love you baby and you are the brightest star in the sky we will be together again soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART 😘💏💔" In an earlier post that he shared on his Instagram he revealed that the pair planned on starting a family one day. "To think I will never see your beautiful smile again haunts me you are the girl of my dreams we spoke of having kids and spending the rest of our lives together," he wrote. 

He further added, "I’m so devastated that we will never get that chance to grow old together and raise a family😭 I love you with all my heart Sophie u will always be in my heart you are my angel and I know you will be by my side every day." Sophie's body was found by Aaron, as reported by The Sun. Sophie was staying at her parent's place when they were away for vacation. 

It was reported that the reality star had been struggling with depression and anxiety, which left her feeling "f****ed up" after being on the show. She was house-sitting for her family who had gone away on holiday," a source close to her told the tabloid. "She had seemed in good spirits and had offered to come over to Medburn to stay in the house while they were away. They had seen no cause for concern."

Sophie's parents were immediately informed about the death of the reality star. "Sophie had wanted to settle down and was growing sick of the party lifestyle," the source added.  At the same time, Sophie was also facing a lot of financial problems prior to her death and made sure that this did not come out in public. 

The star had also been devastated by the death of her good friend Paul Burns earlier this month, whose funeral she had attended the week before her death. "I genuinely feel that when true & honest human souls get taken away from us, they are the ones who have found the meaning of life," Sophie wrote on social media about the death of her friend. As per the police, "There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death."