'Love Island' Season 2: Fans determined to vote Tre off despite him picking Justine over Kaitlynn

Fans still think that Tre is with Justine just to get further on the show and isn't really interested in her

                            'Love Island' Season 2: Fans determined to vote Tre off despite him picking Justine over Kaitlynn
Tre Forte and Justine Ndiba (CBS)

Spoilers for 'Love Island' Season 2

Tre Forte won't be winning any popularity contests amongst the fans of 'Love Island'. This 25-year-old personal trainer managed to rub off all the fans the wrong with his player ways, and his colorist remarks on Twitter. But Tre managed to leave everybody pleasantly surprised when he picked Justine Ndiba to couple up with, during the recoupling ceremony. 

Most fans were convinced that Tre would be picking Kaitlynn Anderson but were left feeling surprised when he chose Justine over her because he felt comfortable opening up to her. For the entire duration of the episode, we saw Tre feeling torn between picking Kaitlynn or Justine. While he admitted that he had a stronger physical attraction towards Kaitlynn and could spend all day just looking at her, he also acknowledged that Justine would be more loyal to him, and always have his back.

He spoke to both the girls and tried understanding where their head was at, before making the decision. Later, he sat down with Johnny Middlebrooks, and discussed with him about who would be a better pick. Johnny strongly argued the case of Justine saying that Tre could build something beautiful with Justine and have a meaningful relationship with her, as opposed to Kaitlynn. He also pointed out how the chances of Kaitlynn jumping ships is higher if a new guy walks in. 

Johnny's advice seems to have had its effect on Tre. Although Tre picked Justine, fans are still not ready to forgive him. Fans still think that he is with Justine just to get further on the show, and isn't really interested in her. So, while they commended Tre for making the right choice by picking Justine, they reminded him that he was still not off the hook, because they are ready to vote him off at the first chance they get.



Another fan wrote, "Yess since Justine’s still staying we voting Tre out! Tre better be packing his bags... Justine get ready find you a new man #LoveIsland #loveislandusa #LoveIslandUSA ."


Another fan expressed, "Y’all talking about Justine be loyal to Tre when new boys come like no, Tre gotta go that’s why we wanted her to stay chile #LoveIslandUSA ."


"YESSS B*****S MY GIRL JUSTINE! Tre still on my hit list though. #LoveIslandUSA ," declared a fan.


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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