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'Love Island' Season 2: Is Tre canceled? Fans want him voted out after his racist tweets resurface

In his tweets, Tre makes outrageous statements about how he doesn't want to be with Black girls and hopes for his future kids to be of mixed race
UPDATED AUG 25, 2020
Tre Forte (CBS)
Tre Forte (CBS)

Tre Forte managed to ruffle quite a few feathers immediately after making his debut on CBS's hit reality dating show 'Love Island'. The show, which is currently on its second season, premiered on August 24 with a two-hour-long special episode. The premiere episode introduced us to the 11 hot singles who are ready to live out their best life in Vegas, with hopes of finding their love and winning a $100,000 cash prize.

While Season 1 of 'Love Island' saw the contestants being extremely cautious about not rubbing each other off the wrong way, and avoiding the splitting up of the existing couples, the current roster of contestants seems to hold no such inhibitions. The first guy to be introduced on the show was Jeremiah White. Although Justine Ndiba expressed her interest in him, he went ahead with picking Latina beauty Cely Vazquez. Unfortunately for Jeremiah, Cely seemed to have caught his peer Tre Forte's attention too. 

So, he split Jeremiah and Cely to couple up with her. This bold move ensured that Tre got everybody's attention. This 24-year-old personal trainer's player ways were quickly out on display in the premiere episode itself when he went behind Cely's back and kissed Kaitlynn Anderson. So, fans were curious to know more about this extremely bold Ohio resident and began searching for more information about him. Their search led to a fan stumbling upon some old tweets of Tre which were extremely racist.

In his tweets, Tre makes outrageous statements about how he doesn't want to be with Black girls and hopes for his future kids to be of mixed race, among many other tweets. In one of his tweets from 2013, someone asked Tre how would he feel if "Black chicks went to all the White boys". Tre's response was, "@chinesedollxo we wouldn't care cuz we don't want them ha." In another tweet from 2014, Tre wrote, "I want my future kids to be mixed w something else." 

After these racist tweets of Tre surfaced on the internet, 'Love Island' fans immediately banded together to ensure that Tre would be voted off by them at the very first chance they get. A fan tweeted, "Yikes the tweets get worse and worse  Jeremiah is redeemable imo so I will be voting Tre off off given the chance #LoveIslandUSA ."


Another fan wrote, "The way we are so quick to cancel Tre hahahahaha he needs to go #loveislandusa."


"Let me go ahead and download this love island app cause first boot is Tre, then we coming for your a** Jeremiah for that diss to Justine. Carrington you just got a 2week free pass. #LoveIslandUSA," expressed a fan.


Another fan commented, "Everyone. Jeremiah can wait. Tre needs to be voted out of the villa ASAP! It’s so clear that he is self hating as a Black man and not looking for love, but for clout. Yes, I’m bringing race into it, but please, get Tre out of the villa ASAP!!! #LoveIslandUSA ."


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c only on CBS.