'Love Island': Fans happy to see 'ugly' Mackenzie eliminated, warn Johnny 'you are next'

Annoyed fans ask Johnny not to get too excited about Mackenzie's elimination and remind him that he is next on their hit list

                            'Love Island': Fans happy to see 'ugly' Mackenzie eliminated, warn Johnny 'you are next'
Mackenzie Dipman and Johnny Middlebrooks (CBS)

'Love Island' fans spent weeks planning to get Mackenzie Dipman eliminated from the show. Mackenzie's over-the-top drama and controlling nature didn't sit well with fans, who were just waiting for an opportunity to get her eliminated from the show, When the audience was presented with an opportunity to vote for their favorite couple, there were quite a few surprises waiting for us.

To everybody's surprise Moira Tumas and Connor Trott were voted as one of the top favorite couples, alongside Cely Vazquez-Johnny Middlebrooks, Justine Ndiba-Caleb Corprew and Kierstan Saulter-Calvin Cobb. So, the remaining couples were at risk of elimination. Four islanders were about to be eliminated from the remaining three couples.

The couples who were at risk of elimination were Mackenzie Dipman and her new partner Aaron Owen, Jalen Noble-Sher Suarez and Carrington Rodriguez-Laurel. The islanders who were safe from elimination had to vote for two islanders they would like to keep safe.

The boys had to vote for a girl while the girls could save a boy. The boys felt strongly that Sher and Laurel deserved a chance to stay on and explore their connections, but since they could save only one girl they decided to give their vote to Laurel. The girls felt that Carrington deserved to explore his connection with Laurel. Which meant that Mackenzie was eliminated.

Fans were happy to see Mackenzie leave the show. A fan tweeted, "Wow I'm so happy Mackenzie is finally gone!!! #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." Another said, "Just when I think MacKenzie can’t get any worse the next episode airs & she does. She’s ugly both inside & out and glad she’s gone. There’s not 1 person n the house who likes her, u have to look yourself in the mirror when a entire group gets along & not 1 likes u. #LoveIslandUSA."




However, fans weren't done just yet. Now that Mackenzie is gone, they have their eyes set on Johnny. Fans are still upset over the fact that Johnny didn't tell Cely the entire truth about what happened between him and Mercades Schell at Casa Amor. So, fans have already begun warning him that he will be next, as he was gloating about Mackenzie's elimination.

A fan commented, "Johnny's talking about Mackenzie had her time, but little does he know...he's next. We don't like you! Cely deserves so much better. #LoveIslandUSA #teamcely." Another fan shared, "Oh johnny..we are jus gettin started..mackenzie was just an urgent matter and we needed her out..you are next #LoveIslandUSA." "Johnny your time will be coming also boo. mackenzie was first but you are definitely next. count on it #LoveIslandUSA," echoed another fan.






Love Island' Season 2 airs every day at 9/8c on CBS.

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