‘Love Island’ season 1 winners Zac and Elizabeth see their fairytale romance through till the end

CBS' hit reality dating show 'Love Island' has concluded its season 1, with the winning couple Zac and Elizabeth giving us relationship goals throughout their time on the show. Read onto know more about this beautiful couple.

                            ‘Love Island’ season 1 winners Zac and Elizabeth see their fairytale romance through till the end

When Elizabeth, a 24-year-old advertising executive entered the villa on ‘Love Island’ she didn’t really expect to find the guy of her dreams on the show. When Zac appeared in front of her during the first coupling event on the show, she immediately leaped towards him. Although two other girls too found him attractive and came forward for him, Zac picked Elizabeth because he felt she was his type.

Little did the couple know of the fairy-tale romance that was in store for them. The couple has been together since day 1 of the show. No matter how many new islanders walked in and out of the villa, they had eyes only for each other. In fact, Zac was the first one in the villa to make his relationship official. He sent Elizabeth on a cute treasure hunt and in the end, he asked her to be his girlfriend. We all collectively shed tears of joy for the adorable couple.

Later in the show, we saw them getting closer by the day. It was mostly smooth sailing for the couple, as they didn’t have too many arguments or drama between them. They both were very clear about their feelings towards each other and behaved like adults. This led to them earning the title of “most boring couple”. When they heard of it during one of the games on the show, the couple were clearly offended by it but didn’t let that get to them.

Zac and Elizabeth, the winners of season1 of 'Love Island' (Instagram)

This OG couple reached the next milestone of their relationship on their final date on the show. In the middle of the pristine blue ocean, atop a yacht, the couple had a lovely date, where Zac revealed to Elizabeth that he loved her. Elizabeth in turn also shared a sweet story with him. She shared that growing up her father used to squeeze her palm thrice to tell her he loved her, and Elizabeth revealed that she had been doing the palm squeezing thing to Zac for a while now. 


This beautiful couple has been a fan- favorite for very long. So, when the audience were asked to vote for the winners it came as no surprise that Zac and Elizabeth received the maximum votes making them the season 1 winners. To test whether the couple was on the island for the right reasons or not, host Arielle shows them two envelopes and informs them that one of them contains $100,000 and the other has 0. Both needed to pick an envelope each, and the person who gets the $100,000 envelope decides whether to split the prize with their partner or not, thus testing the true motives. Elizabeth ended up picking the envelope with the money and immediately informs that she wants to split the money with Zac.

We can’t deny but admit that Zac and Elizabeth had one of the dreamiest love stories on reality television. We hope that the happy couple does stay together and give us that “happily-ever-after” we have been hoping for them.
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