'Love Island': Fans think pre-surgery Megan looks like her current partner Alex

Megan has reportedly undergone £25,000 worth of plastic surgery, and fans are stunned by the difference it has made.

                            'Love Island': Fans think pre-surgery Megan looks like her current partner Alex
Megan Barton-Hanson (Source : Getty Images)

There’s no denying that Megan Barton Hanson -one of the most beautiful girls - on ‘Love Island’ is a head turner. She received more than her fair share of compliments, ever since she entered the villa. You got to admit her 'fire' looks have definitely given many ladies some sleepless nights. Co-contestant Samira was heartbroken after the guy she'd been eyeing on - Frankie - chose Megan over her. In an attempt to heal Samira’s broken heart, Megan gave her a hearty pep-talk.

She told her “anyone can have veneers, a boob job, and lip fillers” but not everyone has inner beauty. Right after she admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, a viewer posted a pre-surgery picture of the beauty on Twitter.

The picture showed 18-year-old Megan, wearing glasses and a pink scarf. Her tousled locks had a hair bump pinned in place. It’s almost impossible to believe that the Megan (now) once looked like the girl in the picture. Daily Mail reported that she has had £25,000 worth of surgery.

Even though, there's remarkable difference in her before and after surgery pictures, viewers said she looked pretty back then, as well. Some of them even came up with some interesting comparisons between her and current partner on 'Love Island', Alex.   

One of her fan tweeted, “Why does pre-surgery Megan low key look like new Alex???”

There were some references of her comparison to characters from different TV shows. If you never heard of the popular children’s show 'Victorious.,' you might want to check out now, as a fan tweeted: “Why does Megan before plastic surgery remind me of Louise Nordoff from that one 'Victorious' episode #LoveIsland...” While another viewer mentioned a resemblance; comparing Megan to Moaning Myrtle. Remember Harry Potter? The tweet read: "Looks like Moaning Myrtle couldn’t have harry so she spent all her golden galleons getting work done to become Megan and here she is now #TransformationTuesday #LoveIsland.” Another even compared her to Toula from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'

Fans didn’t stop at comparisons though. Many had a lot more to add. For some, the picture signified the moment of increased self-esteem. One tweeted, “I am SO HAPPY I saw this tonight. Self loathing has subsided. Thank you internet, you’re the best. Never change. #LoveIsland⁠ #Megan⁠." Another fan's sarcastic tweet read: "Megan is living proof that I’m not ugly I’m just poor #LoveIsland."

Meanwhile, some even sought details of the wizard behind this transformation, so they could also get access to the transformation potion, too. This is what they wrote, “No I’m being serious. I need numbers of Megan’s surgeon or filler lady. Can anyone help a girl out, how the f*** can this be Megan? #loveIsland."

However, some fans did try to voice their opinion against all the haters, tweeting, “Feel so bad that so many people are saying Megan is so ugly and full of plastic surgery but tbh I think she looks great and her surgery looks good."

Dr Tijion Esho, a cosmetic doctor, thinks that Megan may have undergone several procedures over her lifetime, including bum lifts, breast augmentation, lip fillers, and even botox, reported The Sun.

A former colleague, who worked with Megan at Southend's Sunset Strip Club, opened up to Heat magazine about Megan’s procedures, saying “I think Megan is addicted to surgery, she's had so much work done. It does get addictive, especially when you start at such a young age. I think her dad paid for the majority of it.”

In the upcoming episode of 'Love Island,' you will see Wes take Megan out on a date. Of course, Alex is not happy with the news, but he doesn't quite have a say in the matter. Will Megan's connection with Alex stand strong? Or will Wes swoop her off from under his nose? To find out, keep watching.