Love Island 2018: Bosses promise viewers with the 'most dramatic recoupling' as Georgia Steel is left feeling devastated

Last week after his sizzling toe-sucking challenge with Kazimir, Josh admitted that there are some serious sparks between the two

                            Love Island 2018: Bosses promise viewers with the 'most dramatic recoupling' as Georgia Steel is left feeling devastated

Love Island 2018 is promising to be one hell of a show, and due to recent events, one of the show's contestants Georgia Steel has been left fuming after learning about her partner Josh Denzel’s cheating. Moreover, the show's bosses have come up with a promise of the “most dramatic recoupling yet.”

In the latest episode of the popular reality show, the London resident is seen storming off from the original villa after watching a video of the journalist hooking up with bombshell Kazimir Crossley. A teaser clip for the next episode shows the barmaid rant: “F**k me, this is p***ing me off,” before she walks off to her bedroom after breaking away from a hug.

The next thing you know, the show's voiceover Iain Stirling is heard warning the viewers of the immense drama that is about to befall the contestants, as he announced: “Tomorrow night is the biggest and most dramatic recoupling yet.” According to Ok! Magazine, the show's producers may try to incorporate the stick or twist technique in order to decide who stays and who ends up leaving the Island.


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Last week after a sizzling toe-sucking challenge with Kazimir, Josh admitted that there are some serious sparks between the two. He said: “This is trouble. I feel like this has surprised me. I didn’t think I’d be open to it and after about two hours, I was like ‘wow, I’m far more open to this than I thought I’d be. Obviously, there’s an attraction from my side.”

And a loyal Georgia is now regretting her decision to be as cool as a cucumber around Josh, saying, “I’ve always played these games with Josh. I’ve always wanted to tease him if a new boy comes in, I want to tease him, make him jealous, keep him on his toes. Whereas now I don’t really want to play those games anymore. I’ve never said that before, that’s for sure.”

But seems like the Island and its contestants can never be free of drama. It has been recently reported that the villa's newest member, Alex Miller, had a secret career as a male escort before he came to join the show. Fellow islander Megan Barton Hanson seems to be smitten but it looks like, Miller has been keeping her in the dark about his surprising former career.

As per the Sun, the 28-year-old contestant used to advertise his services as a male escort for £50 an hour through an online agency called "Gentlemen4Hire." Although his account has since disappeared from the agency's database, Alex reportedly told his clients that he was "friendly, articulate and well-mannered," according to the publication. 

A source revealed to the outlet, "Alex has kept his former career very quiet but among those closest to him it’s no secret he worked as an escort. He would often get text messages and calls from clients and then disappear for a few hours at a time."

However, the online site insists that their aim is to provide companionship to their clients, with no mention of any sexual services. Therefore, it is difficult to legitimately establish whether the 28-year-old ever offered sexual services to any of his clients.

But this is not the only sketchy job that Alex has on his resume. As per reports by Companies House, he also owned and ran his own business for some time, which was called Butlers Bare Ltd, where his occupation was to act as a "naked butler," before he shut down the company and started working as a glazier instead. 

However, it's not like Megan has been entirely truthful about her past with Alex as well. According to recent reports, the Love Island contestant was pictured with a mysterious white substance during one of her topless modeling photo shoots. According to The Sun, the model can be seen using a rolled-up banknote to inhale the mystery substance, in pictures obtained by the publication.

The 24-year-old is topless in the pictures, and speculation is she might have been taking a break during the shoot. The pictures, according to the Sun, were taken last June, before she entered the Love Island villa. A video clip was also posted on the reality star's Snapchat. It was later deleted.

The pictures were shared with The Sun by another topless model, who said, “I followed Megan’s career because I looked up to her as a model. I was shocked when I saw this video posted on a public Snapchat account and I took screen grabs to show my friends."

She added, “I forgot about them until I saw Megan on Love Island. Now she’s on TV being watched by millions of impressionable young people, I think it’s wrong what she did.”