'Love Island': Carrington bags 'worst boyfriend' title, fans wonder why 'fakest' Johnny didn't get more votes

'Love Island' fans firmly believe Johnny is the worst boyfriend though Carrington received most votes for the title

                            'Love Island': Carrington bags 'worst boyfriend' title, fans wonder why 'fakest' Johnny didn't get more votes
Carrington Rodriguez and Johnny Middlebrooks (CBS)

What sets 'Love Island' apart from many reality dating shows is how the audience get to decide the fate of each of the contestants. In the latest episode of the show, the islanders got to hear out the opinions of America about each of them. The audience had to pick two islanders for each of the questions. One of the questions was, for the audience to pick the best boyfriend in the villa, and the worst boyfriend. It came as no surprise when Caleb Corprew was voted as the best boyfriend.

However, the response to the worst boyfriend left many fans puzzled. Carrington Rodriguez was voted as the worst boyfriend in the villa. While Carrington gracefully accepted the title, fans wondered how Johnny Middlebrooks managed to escape getting voted for it. While Carrington has notoriously changed his partners at an alarming frequency on the show, Johnny has managed to rub off the fans the wrong way after he withheld the truth about what transpired at Casa Amor from his girlfriend, Cely Vazquez.

Johnny initially just told Cely the watered-down version of his fling with Mercades Schell at Casa Amor. Later, when Cely found out the whole truth about Johnny and Mercades, she was left feeling hurt and upset. Johnny then manipulated and gaslighted Cely into trusting him, and the couple got back together in no time. Fans have begun disliking Johnny ever since Casa Amor recoupling, and have seized every opportunity that came their way to slam him. So, they were left puzzled when Carrington received more votes over Johnny for the worst boyfriend.

A fan tweeted, "Most fakest and worst boyfriend, Carrington?? What happen to Johnny. Chile these f***ing producers. I can't  #loveislandusa." "WHAT WHO VOTED CARRINGTON WORST BOYFRIEND YALL HAD ONE JOB - #loveislandusa," questioned a fan. Another fan expressed, "How did johnny not get worst boyfriend??????? #loveislandusa." "WHO DIDN'T VOTE JOHNNY AS FAKEST AND WORST BOYFRIEND #loveislandusa," demanded a fan.





Do you think Carrington is worse boyfriend than Johnny? Let us know. 'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c on CBS. 

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