'Love Island': Johnny makes Cely feel bad for going on a date with Bennie, fans say she needs to dump him

'Love Island' fans were fuming at Johnny's audacity to manipulate Cely for going on a date with Bennie

                            'Love Island':  Johnny makes Cely feel bad for going on a date with Bennie, fans say she needs to dump him
Johnny Middlebrooks, Cely Vazquez, and Bennie Bivens (CBS)

There was a time when Johnny Middlebrooks and Cely Vazquez's relationship was one of the strongest on 'Love Island', but after the doors to Casa Amor opened, things haven't been the same since for this couple. Despite five new boys coming into the villa ready to sweep the ladies off their feet, Cely decided to stay loyal to her partner- Johnny and didn't explore or try to form any connections with the new guys. Unfortunately, Johnny couldn't stay as loyal as his partner Cely. He gave in to his temptation and had a brief fling with Mercades Schell at Casa.

Things got heated between Johnny and Mercades very soon. Eventually, Johnny came to the realization that he liked Cely and their relationship better and let go off Mercades. Once Johnny got back to the villa, he told Cely a watered-down version of what transpired between Mercades and him and she generously forgave him. Things were just beginning to go back to normal between the couple when three new boys were thrown into the mix.

One of them- Bennie Bivens, wasted no time in expressing his interest in Cely and asked her out on a date. Johnny could be seen seething with jealousy when Bennie and Cely were on their date. Cely and Bennie had a great time on their date and she seemed to enjoy talking to him. Later, after the date, Cely went to Johnny and told him that she had a great time with Bennie, but Johnny was at the back of her mind, the whole time. She then tried reassuring Johnny that he had nothing to worry about because she isn't looking for any new connections. 

Instead of letting Cely be and respecting her feelings, Johnny tried to control her. He told her that if she really has no intention of pursuing anything with Bennie, then she should tell him that and end things there. He also subtly implied that she has to choose between them. Each time Cely tried explaining to him that he had nothing to worry about, he just kept pushing her to break things off with Bennie. Johnny then told her that he doesn't want to control her behavior or tell her what to do, but he expected her to tell Bennie that she isn't interested in him. 

Cely broke down crying and agreed with Johnny. Later, she went to her friend Justine Ndiba and expressed how Johnny made her feel bad for going on just a date with Bennie and began wondering if she did something wrong. When fans saw Cely second-guessing herself and feeling bad over Johnny's behavior, they began slamming him. A fan tweeted, "Not Johnny having the audacity to try and gaslight Cely about her date. Maaaaan, I cannot wait for this tweet challenge to expose his a**. #loveislandusa #LoveIsland." Another fan wrote, "Johnny is manipulative, controlling, and trying to turn things around and blame it on Cely knowing what he did before was WRONGG... I AM SICK!!!!! #loveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."





"Protect cely at all cost she is a queen and Johnny should not be making her feel like she is doing something wrong and trying to Manipulate her when he is the one trying to hide the real truth and is in the wrong #loveislandUSA #LoveIsland," pointed out a fan. Several fans began urging Cely to leave him. A fan shared, "Johnny is getting on my last nerve. he is manipulative and a hypocrite. cely needs to leave him #loveislandusa." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Cely is a Queen. She doesn’t deserve to deal with Johnny and his sh*t. Let’s all send her vibes so she knows she’s better than that, and dumps his manipulative a**! #LoveIslandUSA."







'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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