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Why are Jesse and Deb still coupled up despite NO chemistry? 'Love Island' fans share theories

Annoyed 'Love Island' fans called out the lack of chemistry between Jesse and Deb as they continue to stay coupled up
'Love Island' stars Jesse (L) and Deb (R) (Peacock)
'Love Island' stars Jesse (L) and Deb (R) (Peacock)

If you thought with Valerie Bragg out of the way, Jesse Bray would put all his efforts into nurturing a relationship with his partner Deborah Chubb, then you couldn't be more wrong. Deb and Jesse's relationship still continues to take a beating in the eyes of the dating show's fans.

The recently aired episode featured new bombshell Jared Hassim inviting Deb on a date. During their date, Jared subtly tried hinting at Jesse probably not being the best partner for Deb, but instead of paying attention to what he was saying Deb appeared to shut him out. She later ran to Jesse and told him that she wanted nothing more than to be with him even while she was on a date with Jared. The couple then proceeded to have a quick makeout session, which Deb labeled as the best one she had since entering the 'Love Island' villa. After watching Jesse kiss Deb, and try to get closer to her despite there being no chemistry between them, fans began coming up with theories to explain why Jesse and Deb were still coupled up.


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A fan tweeted, "I don’t think trust is the issue between Deb and Jesse anymore… the issue is there’s just very little chemistry and banter there imo. The humor doesn’t match and their energy levels/communication levels aren’t the same #LoveIslandUSA." "Jesse & Deb have about the same amount of chemistry as the water bottle and candle on my table. #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. "Someone needs to save Deb and Jesse. They clutch on to each other for dear life and I know they’re not feeling each other like that. Deb acts like she has Stockholm Syndrome and Jesse acts like he’s in ‘Get Out’. #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan. "Jesse shows more enthusiasm for other couples then he do for Deb, them kissing is cringe they need to face facts they make a great.... friendship #loveislandusa," pointed out a fan.





'Love Island' stars Deb and Jesse (Peacock)
'Love Island' stars Deb and Jesse (Peacock)

Many fans guessed that Jesse continued to go back to Deb just for safety reasons to continue staying in the game. A fan shared, "I think Jesse intentionally chose Deb because she’d be smitten and stay loyal to him. He has no real chemistry with her but she’s a safe choice #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." "Deb gotta be somewhat delusional when it comes to jesse. she really gives him the benefit of the doubt every time #LoveIslandUSA," observed a fan. "Deb please consider the timing of Jesse being a “perfect” partner as soon as you go on a date with another guy #LoveIslandUSA," added a fan.




'Love Island' Season 4 is exclusively available to stream on Peacock, with new episodes airing from Tuesday- Sunday, and Saturday, featuring recap episodes with unaired footage.
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