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'Love During Lockup' Season 2 Full Cast List: Meet the convicts and their non-con lovers

More romance between prisoners and non-cons will return in 'Love During Lockup' Season 2
A still from 'Love During Lockup' Season 2 trailer (Instagram/loveafterlockup_wetv)
A still from 'Love During Lockup' Season 2 trailer (Instagram/loveafterlockup_wetv)

'Love During Lockup' returns for a second season. Though there seem to be no truly healthy romances in Season 1, the process is nonetheless fascinating to follow.

'Love During Lockup' isn't your typical dating program. It is a presentation that allows the audience to observe the love that exists between those who are not in jail and those who are. It is a WETv original program, and after Season 1, it is returning with Season 2, which will have even more excitement, drama, and even some controversies. Continue reading for more information.


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The series is a spin-off of 'Love After Lockup', and it follows everyday individuals who want to pursue relationships with convicts in jail. The show will depict an early dating stage and the difficulties that each person endures. To keep their relationship alive, the inmates and non-convicts would exchange letters, make pricey phone calls, arrange rare video visits, and even propose in prison. Season 2 of this show will showcase four new couples prepared to try their unconventional romance. Here are the four new couples that will be on the show this season.

'Love During Lockup' Season 2 Couples

Dustin and Jessica

Jessica took a job in corrections nursing to get over her ex and gain control over men after a painful divorce. Everything changed when she met convicted criminal Dustin and decided to forego her profession in order to pursue her emotions. Jessica lost her job, but she found the love of her life, and she is now ready to uproot her life and relocate to Tennessee to live with him following his release-but not before first meeting his family.

Louie and Melissa

“Jersey Girl” Melissa's search for Prince Charming had come to an end until she came across inmate letters while working as a mail delivery one day. This led her to an unexpected jail pen-friend of her own: Louie, her old high school crush. Though these two had crossed paths before, they had gone in opposite directions, and Melissa couldn't pass up the chance to reconnect. With her loud family's opposition, her father's unwillingness to accompany her down the aisle, and feelings of loneliness that drive her to a prison wives group... Melissa is still passionately in love and wants to go to Georgia to be with bad boy Louie.

Dauri and Emily

Emily never intended to fall in love with a convict, especially while obtaining a master's degree in criminal justice. However, after meeting with the lovely Dauri through a pen pal post, it now appears that this powerhouse would let everything go, even frauds and cheating, provided it comes with a large ring...that she's buying with his stimulus money! Though they've been together for four years, Emily has never really seen Dauri in person, and their pals can't help but wonder whether she's hiding something or pulling her own hoax. Could the non-con be duping the prisoner again?

Mike and Chelsea

Chelsea was feeling lonely and decided to join a Facebook inmate pen pal club, where she met Michael. Michael, ever determined, proceeded to educate himself in ASL in order to communicate with Chelsea, a feat no man had ever tried for Chelsea, who is deaf. She believes that a planned jail visit will allow them to meet face-to-face and sign in person after only communicating via 30-second videograms and letters. Will the shocking information she discovers about Michael during their first visit, however, destroy the relationship?

Aside from these four couples, there will be two additional characters in this series.


Mark is a successful entrepreneur with two enterprises and a passion for travel and adventure. Despite his hectic schedule, Mark has made time to look for "the one." Mark discovered an imprisoned pen buddy group on Facebook after months of fruitless dating app interactions, and his inherent curiosity led him into a rabbit hole. What began as a whim has grown into a quest for love, and Mark is certain that amazing ladies of his kind - "crazy girls" - are waiting for him. Never one to put all his eggs in one basket, this bachelor wants to one day parlay an emotional connection into a physical one by participating in various prison pen buddy groups.

Tai (Returning)

Tai, the ultimate serial prisoner dater, has returned! Despite her friends' attempts to figure out why such a catch consistently goes for dangerous men, Tai continues to pursue jailbirds, including her #1 inmate, Hottie, who proposes despite Tai's meeting his girlfriend, Boston. Tai, never a man's second choice, is also chatting to convict BB and his new squeeze, Dough Boy, when her supervisor at the funeral home, Rinaldo, develops affection for her and encourages Tai to go for a safe choice like him. Tai must balance her engagement, many convict boyfriends, and a guy from the outside world. Will one of her incarcerated boyfriends learn about her secret connection on the outside?

Season 2 of 'Love During Lockup' will be broadcast on WETv and Fubo TV on October 21, 2022.