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'Love after lockup' Season 4 Full Cast List: Kevin & Tiffany, Lacey & Antoine and other couples

This season will feature five new couples, as well as a fan favourite pair from 'Love During Lockup', who will take the melodrama to new heights.
‘Love after lockup’ back with new season in March (WE tv)
‘Love after lockup’ back with new season in March (WE tv)

'Love after Lockup' is a series about couples who meet their fiancé after being released from jail. Will their love endure when the bars are removed on the hard journey to the altar? Will the convicts abandon their mate in the face of unexpected "firsts," from arguments, and family drama? Is it real love or just a ruse?
This season, five new couples, as well as a fan-favorite pair from 'Love During Lockup', will take the drama to new heights with deeper love, more fears, and even more suspense, as fans debate whether it's real love or simply another compelling deception.


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'Love After Lockup'(WE tv)

Kevin & Tiffany (Arlington, TX)

Tiffany stood out among the many women who slipped into Kevin's DMs, despite the fact that he was a self-proclaimed player. Tiffany got in difficulties and was taken to prison shortly after they met on the outside before Kevin finished the deal. They've stayed in touch and aim to resume their relationship after Tiffany is released, but will their romance be shattered by secrets?

Indie & Harry (Beltsville, MD)

Indie waits for her "spiritual husband" Harry, to be released from jail in "Love During Lockup." Indie's aspirations are about to come true, as Harry's release date approaches. In 'Love During Lockup,' Indie's psychic had advised her to relocate to Ohio to be with Harry, but the action backfired. Is her second attempt going to be successful? Indie is ready to try again, but her bounty-hunter mother isn't going to stop until she proves Harry is a bad guy.


Rick & Raydean (Cedar Park, TX)

Rick (49 years old) and Raydean (29 years old) met ten years ago but only recently fell in love. Raydean was dating a member of Rick's motorcycle club at the time. Rick kept an eye on Raydean after they split up, until she disappeared one day – then Raydean reached out to Rick from prison, and the rest is history. Rick has big aspirations for his future with his beloved, but will Raydean's family and jail ties derail those plans?

Kaylah & Martel (Atlanta, GA)

Kaylah and Martel met 14 years ago at a party by happenstance. They hit it off right away and dated briefly until Martel was caught and sentenced to prison. Kaylah and Martel's romance survived the bars of prison. But will secrets and falsehoods come in the way of the love they've cherished for all these years after the 13-year jail sentence is over?

Tayler & Chance (Elsberry, MO)

Tayler, a dedicated mother who has had a string of bad luck in love, and Chance met by "chance" when Chance called expecting to talk with Tayler's ex-boyfriend, with whom he had been imprisoned – but the newly single Tayler elected to keep him on the line. He began calling once a week, then daily, and the two finally fell in love. Chance felt Tayler was the one for him, but neither of their families approves of their relationship. Will Chance keep all of his promises?

Lacey & Antoine (Sonomish, WA)

Lacey (38), and Antoine (26), met through Lacey's acquaintance, who also happens to be Antoine's mother. Lacey, whose marriage was on the rocks, fell head over heels for the young, bad lad. Unfortunately, they only spent a short amount of time together until Antoine called it quits due to Lacey's marriage. Lacey, who had been married for over 20 years, was bored of her stale and loveless marriage. So when Antoine called her again a year later, this time from prison, Lacey had put her old life behind her. Now, that they've been together for two years. Lacey's connection with her family and Antoine's mother has been damaged as a result of that choice.


'Love After Lockup' premieres Friday, March 4 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on WE tv