'Love and Marriage: Huntsville': Martell refuses to shake Marsau's hand, calls him a fat boy with big hips

A family friend of the Holt and Scott, Cedarric, arranged for a meeting between Martell and Marsau for them iron out their issues but Martell was not in the mood for reconciliation

                            'Love and Marriage: Huntsville': Martell refuses to shake Marsau's hand, calls him a fat boy with big hips

Tonight's episode of 'Love and Marriage: Huntsville' saw the tension between Martell Holt and Marsau Scott escalate to a whole new level. Their mutual friend Cedarric arranged for a meeting between the two men at the gym, hoping that they could talk out their issues. Martell came in to the gym with a God complex. Marsau tried to be a bigger person and reached out for a handshake. However, Marsau snubbed him and refused to return the gesture. 

Also appearing in the episode tonight was Melody's mother Vanessa. The Holt couple were very upset about the fact that Marsau dragged Vanessa into this whole mess, insinuating that in the past, he had access to a sex tape involving Vanessa. The many problems these two have makes it seem almost impossible that the two will ever be friends. Maybe that was the reason Martell didn't think twice before body shaming his once friend Marsau, calling him "fat boy big hips," while talking about him in a confessional alongside Melody. The latter, however, defended Marsau saying he's dropped a lot of weight and that Martell needs to stop it. 

The explosive Wanda (LaTisha Scott's mother) too was a part of the episode tonight. Last week, viewers saw LaTisha and Marsau fighting over parenting duties. This was the reason the latter refused to go to an event that she was speaking at. Audiences that considered him the bad guy probably changed their mind after tonight as he ended up showing up to support LaTisha at the event and he even came bearing flowers. However, Wanda tried to ruin the perfect evening for them by noting that she's aware that Marsau is not wearing his wedding ring, while in a conversation with LaTisha and Kimmi Scott. She also asked Kimmi if she's spoken to Melody about why she had LaTisha escorted out of her beauty launch event. Kimmi just brushed it off saying, "I don't speak for grown women." 

The saving grace about tonight's episode however was when Marcille took Kimmi to dinner to celebrate her birthday. They spoke about their impending honeymoon and their kids. Marcille once again tried to talk to Kimmi about quitting her job, however, she asked him to skip that conversation for the evening. The conversation once again shifted to Kimmi's son Jaylin who is at college and about how much she misses him and how she can't wait to start working with him once he's done with graduation. At that very point, Jaylin showed up, birthday cake in hand, surprising his mom who thought he'd never be able to make it to her birthday this year. 

'Love and Marriage: Huntsville' airs on Saturday nights at 8 pm only on OWN.

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