Teairra Mari's sex tape fiasco hints at a larger psychological problem

Milan Christopher, Teairra's former friend, claims that she needs psychological help and that her problems go further beyond drugs and alcohol

                            Teairra Mari's sex tape fiasco hints at a larger psychological problem

Teairra Mari is the latest woman from the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ franchise to have a sex tape leaked, and hers may be the most controversial one of them all. In fact, this one has been so controversial that even Miss Nikki Baby distanced herself from it.  

Teairra and Nikki’s friend Paris, however, feels that their interference in the Teairra and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad’s relationship is what may have triggered him to post the video. However, Nikki, who has been through her own sex tape ordeal, took a step backward and said, this 1none of my business. In last night’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Nikki said, “This whole sex tape thing, it’s becoming too much. I have had to deal with my own sex tape nonsense and it’s not something I want to revisit.”

This statement sounds more than a little unempathetic but, if you were to go by Milan Christopher’s statements regarding the issue, you would agree this whole thing is a ticking time bomb.  

As has been revealed explicitly on the show, Teairra has a severe alcohol problem for which she has visited a rehab as well. However, Milan is of the opinion that, beyond the addictions, the reality star is also in dire need of some mental help.  

As per his recollections of the day that the tape was supposedly leaked, she was at his place. Around 7:30 in the morning, she apparently went over to his place and kept repeating "Akbar put a sex tape out of me.” At the time, the video was not posted and he enquired where the said video is.  

“This was at 7:30. The sex tape didn’t come out until like 10:47. Teairra ran out my door at 10:30 and then, at like 10:35, she came back into my apartment,” explains Milan, who claims she was acting really crazy. "She was like, ‘Look! This is the sex tape!’ So she’s showing me the sex tape in her phone and I’m like, ‘Look, that’s not posted. Where is it posted?’ She’s like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She runs out my door again and then like five minutes later, the sex tape is out.” 

Milan seems to be certain that Teairra put the tape out herself and that she is doing all this because she needs help psychologically. “Teairra needs help. Teairra needs to see a doctor. I think this is deeper than alcoholism, drugs,” he clarifies. He also says he forgives her for all the lies, name-calling and the swings she made at him when he confronted her because he knows her behavior has everything to do with how she sees herself. 


Teairra had filed for a restraining order against Akbar and his friend 50 Cent after the alleged leak of the sex tape, however, the judge refused to grant her one. The ‘Power’ executive producer, meanwhile, has been tempting and taunting Teairra with posts that supposedly prove his innocence and would also put her behind bars. 


He even gave a shady shout-out to ‘Love & Hip Hop’ in the season 5 finale episode of 'Power’ and claimed he was doing it as a favor to his reality star nemesis, seeing as she will need the extra cash from product placement to “pay his legal fees.” 

As of now, all fingers points towards Teairra posting the tape and accusing Akbar for doing so. And if Milan is right, she may need help in processing this and moving forward in life.