'Love 101': Loved the music in the Netflix Turkish drama? Here's where you can listen to it

'Love 101': Loved the music in the Netflix Turkish drama? Here's where you can listen to it

Netflix released its third Turkish original series after 'The Protector' and 'The Gift' this Friday. Titled 'Love 101' ('Aşk 101' in Turkish), the show follows a set of teenagers in the '90s growing closer as they scheme to make their teacher fall in love with the school's basketball coach.

Fans have already declared that they love the show with the music in the show being one of the prime reasons. One fan tweeted, "Dkdkdk not them playing 90s music I love omfg #Ask101 #Love101."

Like 'Derry Girls', 'Love 101' is set in the 90s and because of that, the show features a lot of '90s music. Featuring a mix of English and Turkish music, songs are perfectly used in sync with the story, immersing viewers more into the experience.

In one scene, Sinan, one of the main members of the cast, wakes up as the camera pans from the Bosphorous river through his window to his face, while Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' plays. A viewer tweeted on this, "Excuse me? Torn? Really? Can I just give 'The Best Scenery Award' to this scene already? Are they planning to make repeat the scene thousands of times? The choice of the song & place is BRILLIANT. The song depicts Sinan’s life very accurately. I’m Speechless. #Love101 #Ask101"


Like 'Torn', 'Love 101' features many 90s classics that many of us have grown to love, including songs from artists like The Clash, Bon Jovi, Tom Odell, and Nina Simone. The show's soundtrack also features Turkish artists like Barış Manço, Levent Yüksel, and Mor ve Ötesi.

Some of the more popular songs used include Bon Jovi's 'You Give Love A Bad Name', 'The Clash's 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out', and 'Ode To My Family' by The Cranberries. The show also features a beautiful cover of 'We Are Young' (originally by Fun) by The Mayries.


Viewers might have also fallen in love with some of the Turkish hits heard on the show. Songs featured include Emre Aydın's 'Afili Yalnızlık', Turkish punk band Athena's 'Kafama Göre', and 'Adsız' by Cem Karaca.

Now, it will be quite a task to compile all these songs in a playlist so you can replay the 90s feel 'Love 101' brings about. But Netflix has got your back. Soon after the show released on Netflix, the folks over at the streaming service also compiled a playlist on Spotify for the soundtrack of the show.


All episodes of Season 1 of 'Love 101' are now streaming on Netflix.

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